Monday, November 16, 2009

Painted it Black

Ever since I was in high school, I was always teased by my classmates. The reason: the color of my hair. Filipinos have the natural black shade on their hairs but mine is chestnut like. They always say that I am like a hooker. And I just can’t do anything about it because my hais has the tendency to turn brownish. So I decided I need to change its appearance.

From time to time, I asked my aunt’s help to “color” it black. It helped eliminate the teasing lines I constantly received. So for the meantime, I lived a happy and peaceful life.

When I reached college, I got tired of maintaining its color so I stopped. Sometimes I received jokes about the color of my hairs but I just shrugged it off. I just think it as a compliment. :D

While I had my vacation in my aunt’s place, she tempted me to have it black again. I was, in fact, tempted so I have I agreed to color it black again. The negative side with my decision was allowing my aunt to do my hair. The aftermath was a combination of my newly colored hair (black) and my old hair (brown). So instead of uniting the my hairs shade, I now have multicolored hairs. How nice :(

The moral: be contented with what the Lord has given you. I just hope that they will be normal again. :P


  1. hello dear i agree with the moral,it is always right to be your self it delivers comfort and adds confidence to personalty.take care

  2. haha! pro ok lang man imung hair.. dli man klaro:)

  3. Had to laugh - I've experienced hair dye jobs that didn't turn out as anticpated too!


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