Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Series of Unforgettable Road Trips

During my first year in the city, I had a hard time finding my way home, literally. I wasn’t raise here so naturally, I don’t know what to ride to go to different places. At that time, I was living in my aunt’s place—a 1 hour ride from where I was studying. It wasn’t that hard since I can go with my older sister during the morning. The hard part was during dismissals.

One afternoon when I was waiting a ride home, I saw Meg. Since she was also waiting for a jeepney that would pass by the mall, we (I, rather) decided to ride a jeepney that has the same direction going to where I live at that time. After a minute or so of waiting, she immediately climbed off to some vehicle. Because I really wanted to ride with her, I mounted to the vehicle without reading its route.

Unfortunately, that vehicle had a different direction. Before I knew it, I was riding with a lot of people leading to an unfamiliar place. I can’t lose my face to these people, I said to myself. So I paid my fare to the driver, made him stop the motor vehicle, tucked my things and off I go. I waited for two minutes for them to be at a distance before riding a new jeep. >:) Lessoned learned I thought.

The next morning, I confidently picked a jeepney which I believed would pass by near the school. And luckily, it did. But the stupid me didn’t noticed the vehicle stopped near the school. A few minutes passed before I realized how lost I was. Palms sweating, I hesitantly asked the conductor where they will stop near AdDU—the name of the school. He was somehow surprise to see me on that vehicle still and said that they have stopped near that place a couple of minutes ago. I was ready to cry but he told me that they will be going back to the same direction again. I wasted my time sitting there because of my stupidity; two consecutive stupidities. :((

It never stopped there. There were instances where I needed to ride a couple of jeepneys just to reach my destination. And I made it to the point to stop near some houses so the passengers will not think that I was in the middle of nowhere. :D

One misfortune I had was when I walked under the scorching heat of the sun in a highway. I can see myself blushing as some passengers from the other vehicles as they would look at me with question marks on their faces. Nevertheless, it's an experience worth remebering. And I’m looking for the next joyride :))

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