Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Theme and Blog Address

Some of you might get daze by the new transformation of my blog. For those who just came in here, I used to manage 2 blogs. I was planning to have my other blog as some political critique in the Philippine context. But as time goes by, I guess I just mixed these blogs and had my posting, political or not, be on each blog. What happened next was total mess.

I wanted to have a post everyday but with all the stuffs that I am doing, I can’t just do it smoothly. So now, I imported all that I have posted in my other blog to here. Pleas bear with the technicalities. I just wanted to have it in the most organized way possible. Hope to hear from you guys. I’m so excited to read the posting that I have missed from your blogs as well.:D

BTW, my new blogsite address is now: http://jennygallegos.blogspot.com :)

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