Sunday, November 15, 2009

Visited My Mom

One of the things that I miss whenever I decided to stay in the city during weekends is the opportunity to visit my mom. I miss her more than anyone else. And just as I think that I have moved on, there will always be a part of me longing for her.

I can always attest to the emptiness of losing the one you love. It’s hard not knowing you will never see them once more. But then again, there are those things that you must suppress in order to stay sane. To do this, I must stop thinking of the ‘what ifs’ this and that. But there will always be this time where I can’t ignore the call to think her. Oh well…

During the brief stay that I had in our little town, I made it to the point to do what I have to do. One of this is to register in the coming election. The other one is to visit my mom that I have not seen for quite some time then. So when Aunt Tess decided to visit mom, I immediately agreed to go with her.

With shoulder swinging rigidly on my body, I started to walk in the pavements leading to the place where my mom rests. I invited my younger brother Jorenn to go with me and Aunt Tess. My sister Marianne and her daughter Zowie were also there.

The moment we arrived in the place, I felt awful for not visiting mom that often. The floor was dusty and there were a lot of sands that surround mom and her parents. But because we lack the time to clean it, we were just contented with offering flowers and candles to them. Then I decided to come around the next day—with dad and my brothers—to clean their tomb.

Look at that dirt!:P

It was very fulfilling but it saddened me at the same time to know that my dad did not clean it up during his free time. I’m looking forward to see my mom and my grandparents next time. I love you mom…:D


  1. Losing a mom is very tough indeed. I'm glad that visiting her grave brought you comfort.

  2. hello dear , i found ur post very touching ,It had a great impact on my heart and made my eyes wet .I am also going to visit my mother too after almost 3 years actually she lives so far from us and she is around 70 now.I feel also fear of loosing her in every moment running in my blood.God may give her long healthy life and God may also give you the strength to face this emptiness.It will be my pleasure to be ur friend


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