Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's been a while...

My last entry here was around a week ago or so. But I will always write no matter how long this blog site becomes idle. I know that eventually, my hands will urge to write again, no matter how bad my English is. :P

To those days that I was away in this world, my father decided to put us (me and my brother) into a dormitory to save since we were not really using the apartment’s full potentiality. So we are currently residing to the JCA dormitory at Burgos Ext., Bo. Obrero, Davao City, Philippines.

The first thing that came into my mind when we were about to leave the apartment’s vicinity was our things. We have a huge collection of things that would never fit into the dormitory. An old gas stove and a whole bunch of personal books would total to 6 taxis.

There were around 10 people sitting in the dorm’s receiving area, all guys. I was a bit embarrassed by the colossal things we packed in front of the dorm’s gate. A few minutes later, I was sweating from carrying my books and other stuffs from the receiving area to the third floor of the building.

Some of the few luxuries I was forced to give up was watching the television. A big television was installed on the building’s receiving area. The problem is, I’m not that comfortable watching news with all those men around me—yes, they are all men.

Actually, a few days ago, I’ve learned that I was the only girl living in this building, except to those two girls who took care to all the owner’s needs. I was totally alarmed upon knowing that. It was a total coincidence that most of them are guys and I’m still not comfortable enough even to drink a glass of water downstairs.

I hope live a peaceful semester here. Can’t wait to tell you more about those cute guys I have noticed. :D

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  1. May most of these guys end up becoming like good brothers to you so you'll feel comfortable and at home. Speaking of brothers - is yours in the same dorm as you?


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