Friday, December 18, 2009

Nonsense 2

There are things that can hurt us badly no matter how hard we try to ignore them. I can attest to that since I have been living with the pain for more than a year now. It’s a matter of time before you can get over things they say. Yes, true. There are those things that you can forget over loads of chocolates or through an added meal in your daily diet. But there are those things that will not fade that easily.

For instance, you can easily give up something over some obstacle you will encounter in your life. But there will always be regrets. Questions such as why, what if, will that work and so on and so forth will bug you for the rest of your existence. Yet, we can never change them no matter how hard we try to alter it. Those things that had happened yesterday are now part of our history, and as far as I know, there are still no time machines made for that purpose.

I wanted to cry out loud and shout to the people I know how I felt at this very instant. However, I cannot bear the pain and shame it will bring that outburst to myself. How can I ease the pain and thinking over my senseless emotions? Cry? Never. Ignore? Perhaps. Eat? Could be.

I have regrets in life, everyone does. And one thing that made me catch cold standing over some paved road is because I can’t still let things go. Once I attached myself to something, even the flame of perseverance left me, I know in my heart that I now have an obligation to it. It was never a win-win situation for me; and sometimes, I wish to just let these things and thoughts consumed me now so as to avoid hurtful strain in the future.

It must have been vague to you my dear reader (are there any?). But things are always complicated. In man’s structure alone, scientists haven’t figure out yet the formation of our genes that they could point to our existence—the DNA and the Michael Behe’s bacterial flagellum. Nevertheless, I am, again, talking nonsense.

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  1. hi dear you made my eyes wet you said yourself that everybody has regrets in life and this is not a big deal god make us free to make choices some time we made mistakes main thing is that how we go ahead and avoid making more mistakes so love yourself and go on with life have strong faith in god that every thing happens for making us better take care


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