Saturday, January 23, 2010

Growing Up is Very Hard

I’m 20. I’ve been telling that thing over and over again here in my blog. And here I am, writing it all over again. Why? Just read on and you’ll be enlightened.

One of the things people (women usually) wanted to be is to look like a teenager—slim, thin, and younger looking. Who wouldn’t? What are all those cosmetic products and surgeries—such as buttocks—are there for if the human race is not striving to look young, right?

I’ve been told by my fourth grade teacher that I will have no problems with my face—that means no pimples and if there is, it will be minimal. I was flattered. And for years, I have no severe pimple problem. I’m just lucky I guess.

So college came. Part of immaturity was still etched in me. I did some foolish things playing jackstone while at the school’s food court; running when I hated someone; chasing to pinch someone; laughing at the top of my lungs and of course, crying whenever I feel like it. That was really embarrassing now that I get to spill it to you.:P

Last year, we had some recollection on those things. It was not that pleasant since they teased me nonstop. But I was cool about it. Then I got bored with all the teasing and eventually got irritated. So one day, I asked one of my classmates if I really look and act like a kid. And she said yes. I felt so down and I promised that from that day forward, they will see a new me.

From then on, I act like a totally mature person. Sure, I look like kid with my height but it is fine. And after that, they started calling me “mature”. The additional glasses were a bonus to me. :D

I really thought that the euphoria of being called a mature person would last long but I was wrong. Every now and then, I would get a comment on how I look like a high school kid. Even some strangers would call me “inday” (an equivalent word for little girl). Some of you might even be flattered if they are branded as such but not me. I hated every single second hearing it.

When our on-the-job training came, everyone was excited. Looking mature and dressing with office clothes were all that we thought off. The first day was real fun for me. The jeepney drivers were calling me a “Miss” (miraculously) with my slacks and polo like top. I was not returning their questions if I will ride their jeepney; I was looking strict as a matter of fact. Little did they know that I was trying so hard to hide my smile with their choice of word. :D

Mr. Rodel, one of the workers in the office where I used have my OJT, one day commented to me how I look akin to a kid. I didn’t really liked it, in fact I was livid about it…kidding! :P But it was not a pleasant remark on my part, no, not really.

These and some other remarks made me think, do I really look like a kid? :(


  1. Well, that happens many times. I was a prey to it too when I was in school. I was really short so my classmates would tease me. But miraculously, within 2 years, I grew by 1 feet. So I don't get many "Kid" comments now...

  2. hello it is all about the time and some time it is about the way we think it reflects on our faces,i believe people who have kind of innocence in their way of thinking look younger no matter how old they are,have a blessed life dear i liked your new template it is great

  3. You know what, Jenny? That looking like a kid thing really will not last forever. It won't last much longer, as a matter of fact.

    When I was your age, I hated being told that I was so "innocent-looking" ALL.THE.TIME. Now, I would consider that a compliment, but then, I was not a Christian yet, so I thought they were saying I was childlike, naive, gullible.

    I don't think they meant anything by it now. They really did think they were complimenting me. It wasn't until I became less self-conscious about it that I realized it.

    You will too. :-) Have a great day, my friend.

  4. It's sometimes irritates me but well, maybe after 10 years, i will see it as a complement
    i love it too:) thanks shabana:D

  5. When I was your age, I hated being told that I was so "innocent-looking"

    pardon me ms Chel but i see you too as that..i mean, you look young, really:D

  6. I can see how you get irritated my friend, but it won't last forever. So I say

    Enjoy yourself. As long as you're responsible, and kind to others - who cares if you enjoy childlike pleasures?!

  7. Right! Well then, from now on, i'll love their comments :D
    thanks Ms. Tracy :D


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