Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti Aftershock

The death in Haiti is rapidly increasing. There was a tumultuous aftershock earthquake that has taken place yesterday. This happening is the saddest thing that had happened for the year 2010. Read full story here.

I won’t be surprised if the people from Haiti would come to hate the place and flee to seek safety elsewhere. I remember how grave it was for the Philippines during the Ondoy typhoon came and destroyed our country’s capital city—Manila. Bodies were everywhere, houses were filled with mud, cars were all over the streets, and death and the smell of decaying bodies could be felt even from the other part of the country.

I pray for those who are suffering from the earthquake and to those who are helping the Haiti people right now. May God bless them

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  1. The aftershock was pretty severe. It was a 6.1 on Richter Scale. Its really sad though about what happebned to them. The survivors are still in the open living in small tents. I just hope they can start living a better life sooner.
    Have a good day!:)


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