Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Day

December 11, 2009. That marked the natal day of my friend Kristine Aspacio-Reyes. It was a hard week for us four (Kim, Yang, Kai, and I) since all the possible gifts and other surprises had been done to our other friends. But since Kring is ALWAYS busy with her school activities, we decided to inform her firsthand of our planned dinner date. And since we had different things to do—school and church activities, family days, suitor’s date, and others (wonder what that is :P)— I was a little bit excited about the whole thing. :D

Ena Wee was also throwing a post birthday party that night (and the other event) which would make Kai and Kim unavailable for the dinner date. This left us no choice but to have our date during lunch time. Lloyd was also with us when we headed on to Bruegger’s Resto Bar (did I spelled it right??). It was a 10 minute ride from school. The place was nice with lots of affordable foods available. We had salads, fries, fried chicken, breaded pork, sweet and sour tuna, iced tea and our favorite—rice. :D


We had our pictures taken and had fun with the balloons on its mini stage; making funny faces; smiling and squeezing our faces so as to be on the camera’s lenses and had stolen shots of course. We played a tapping-your-hands-on-the-table-game (I don’t know the name) while we waited for the food and had some laughs over random topics. I was soooo full. It turned out to be a treat from Kring. “Oh well, better go and eat cakes at Lachi’s to treat her instead” was our thinking.

The taxis were all occupied so we thought of riding into a motorcycle. During the ride, Lloyd showed us his condoms; three orange condoms with orange as its flavor. It was a gift from their (Kring) kris kringle with the theme: give a gift that is something naughty. We got so intrigued that we ended up passing it to each other while inspecting it. And within a minute or two, we burst out laughing as Kim read allowed the instructions on how to use it.

At last, we arrived at Lachi’s and ordered San Shrival, Muddy Yummy Chocolate (beep, another wrong name), Regal, Choco Mocha Torte, Blueberry and the other Cheesecake, and additional spaghetti for me. It was so yummy and super sweet that Lloyd had his stomach squirming from the overwhelming amount of sweets.

At nightfall Kring, Yang, Lloyd and I decided to go on Roxas Avenue and get our pictures taken on the Christmas’ lights. Paolo and Ya RJ accompanied us and Kim was also there while she waited for Suppie and her other friends to go Ena’s party.

I don’t know what happened but I just lost my appetite after a few minutes of taking pictures here and there. Maybe because I got tired in waiting that I just lost all my interest. After feeling so exhausted and hungry, we went to McDonald’s and ate our dinner (their dinner actually since I didn’t have the interest to eat anything at all—except for the hot choco).

I was a bit surprised when I saw the McDonald’s staff singing the happy birthday song to Kring. They gave her a yellow balloon and a burger with fries and pickles on it. It was a fun day—full of memories and laughter.

At McDo

I wish you all the best in life dear Kring. I hope to see you happy with Pael (I’ll kill him if he’ll hurt you :P) I love you and happy birthday :) I hope God will bless you more this 2010.

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  1. Sounds like one of the wonderful times that you'll treasure the memory of forever.


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