Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Found Her

I haven’t seen my friend Charmaine for more than 5 years now. Wait, I guess for almost a year now? I remember seeing her once in the mall and had a few chit-chat with her parents. Once in a blue moon, I remember her and Laizza when we were in our elementary days. We were like the 3 kids that can never be separated. We even had a shower together in Charmaine’s parent’s bathroom. I even thought that maybe I could hook up with her older brother (the way movie scenes are formulated) since he’s smart, tall, dark, handsome and kind somehow—although we never had the chance to talk that long, just hi and a few smile. We were the three girls who ended up splitting when high school came.

Then I saw her today. She was very different from the girl I used to hang out with. Very modern, very liberated (from the pictures that I saw), and very gorgeous. I couldn’t believe it at first. It was Kid who told me how different she was from before. As I remember, she doesn’t care going to school with her hair unkempt and don’t care much if her uniform is ironed or not. She always drops her hankie on the floor until it was too dirty to be noticed. We played games and had some quarrels and she was first person who made me cry during our sixth grade. Ah, memories…

Laizza is still missing; couldn’t locate her. It’s been 3 years since I last had her message. It’s sad when you’re left and all you need to do is make new friends with the fear of being rejected.
I made some mistakes from other friends and I wanted to patch things out with them. Not for me to feel heroic over that action but to be able to think them with no remorse whatsoever. I’m 20. Do I need to id around and live with the grief in my head and heart?

Every day brings me to a new page of my life and I’m happy I’m slowly locating them. Either through social sites or even at some street here in the city. I’m looking forward in meeting you again. :D


  1. It's cool to read that you're finding and reconnecting with old friends. A friend from high school who I had not seen in about 15yrs contacted me through FaceBook and it's been fun finding out what's going on in her life.

  2. hello dear i have an award for u , try to take it in ur spare time.

  3. Its just wonderful. Especially to meet old friends. The gap makes our memories even stronger and that makes us really happy on seeing them. I had met my School friends a few months back after 3 years. On seeing them and then recognizing, all my old memories flashed back and we were talking about them for hours...:)
    I just feel happy for you to have found her. Hope your relationship lasts forever...
    Have a wonderful day!:)

  4. it's really nice to be with your friends. now that i am aging, it's wonderful to talk and have some fun with them :)


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