Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"I will not comment anything at all"

Kring and I had our usual dinner together. We always had that kind of bond in food (LOL) and I really love the idea of her and me in a dinner date :D As we were about to give grace, she paused and flashed me a huge smile. I asked her why she did that and said, “Because we have lots of food” then grins at me afterwards :) She’s a food addict by the way. So after we finished everything, we went home. I decided to walk home since it’s just a couple of blocks away. The night was gloomy and the wind is sooo cold. Then I met the worse creature—cockroach. Eeeee. Not a fan really.

Well, I don’t have any updates on my not so boring life. I have one! But it is an honest observation…

People have the most complex body structure compared to other animals. And so, it is believed to be that we humans came last among all the living creatures. As to my own observation, humans are very complicated even with the way we act. It’s so difficult to read someone else’s mind. I even ended up being viewed as the mean girl. I was just commenting on how this girl looks like I did with others. We were having our pictures taken alright. Then I said how she looks not-that-good about her make-up and all that. Months after that, she said to me that she didn’t like what I said to her and had seen it as something negative. Pfff. Too bad for me I guess.

I promised that from this day forward, I will not comment anything at all. I don’t know how they will take is so, my mouth is now zip.


  1. In many cases, "my mouth is now zip" works just great. I can greatly attest to this. :-)

    Oh, and not a fan of the cockroach, really, either. Eeewwww.

    But I do hope you don't mean that you will not comment on blogs anymore! I enjoy hearing from you!

  2. That's always the struggle - how much to say...

    The book of Proverbs talks a lot about wise words vrs careless ones. Often I've spoken when it would have been better if I'd not.

    On the other hand, honesty is a good way to live and honest relationships are the deep friendships. The people we do not speak openly with are superficial relationships.

  3. I'm still going to comment on blogs Ms Chel :) It's my hobby:D Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. The people we do not speak openly with are superficial relationships.

    Totally agree..but what if everything i say will be misinterpreted? No matter how tactful i say it? :(

  5. Glad to hear that you will still be commenting on blogs. Well, I have been in similar situations were I had my friends who said my comment was upsetting. I never do that anymore...:)


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