Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Your presence is not that felt"

Time came when we were asked to give out letters to our classmates for all the good things we experienced on them. For me, it was the highlight of the retreat since through this, we can give thanks, encouragement as well as suggestions to all the people we like and even dislike.

The notion of giving out letters agitated me. I wasn’t that expecting to receive that much letter since I am not really that popular among the class so…But I wasn’t expecting to receive negative comments either because I’m the kind of person who gives my funny side to people I’m comfortable with. Nevertheless, I received a good amount of letters.

Of all the letters that brought smile to me, the one from _______ made me want to smile and frown. I’m not that sure, really. He/she said that my presence is not that felt during the entire course of the retreat. I’m not against what he/she wrote about me. I can’t contradict on what he/she told me. But at the same time, I wondered: Why bother? I mean, do you need to give me a letter saying that I have not enticed your curiosity? Was it not a waste of time?

Oh well, he/she is kinda weird anyway so I let it pass. But it made me think though: Can anyone just pass me by without even noticing my angelic-like face (hahahah!)? Of course!:D

Once again, I duped you into my senseless thinking.

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