Sunday, February 28, 2010


The devastating earthquake in Chile claimed the lives of settlers. Let us offer our prayers for their country.

I saw this video on Youtube. I was updating myself from what's happening in Chile. It's like viewing into a city of ruins...:(


  1. life very unbelievable dear it shakes us suddenly when we think that we are safe and stable,i heard on TV that there is a big crack in the earth and all earthquakes are the chain of up coming damage,so i dont know what to say if it is true then we all must pray for mercy and wait and watch that what happens next cause scientists say that earth changes its face in centuries and it is going to happen again ,god bless us all dear

  2. I sometimes think that the end is really near. like what the movie 2010 presented to us.. i don't want to be there and witnessed all the misery of the people and my loved ones.. Godbless you as well Shabanah

  3. I read that the earthquake on 2/27 was an 8.8 - unbelievable. It's sad to read that instead of helping one another, there are those who are using this as an opportunity to loot in Concepcion, Chile. May God somehow bring good out of this sad situation.


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