Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Confused and Worried

There are things that no one can really foresee no matter how hard you try to predict it. For instance, I am having such a good time conversing with my friend, and then out of the blue, he said “goodnight” without even responding to our former topic. Did I do/say something wrong? I was so happy yesterday because our planned dinner date really happened. But I am so confused at this very moment.

Have you ever been in a situation where reality sometimes eludes what you thought would happen? I am so caught off guard with what’s happening in my life right now. I am lost. There were times that I worry about my upcoming graduation (will I’ll be there?), and sometimes I think about unnecessary things such as the question that my classmates and I would always talk about: Will someone (anyone) hire me?

I worry simple things such as what would happen with my next subject? Will I survive this day without doing something weird in front of the whole school? Will I’ll be seeing my most hated teacher while walking along the corridors of our division? And just recently, Lloyd gave my number to his friend whom I find some kinda weird since most of my classmates claim that he has a similarity with my ex-boyfriend (I don’t find them two similar). Then all of a sudden my other ex-boyfriend is starting to flirt with me again and I hated every single moment chatting with him. Not that I have a grudge over him. He has a girlfriend for goodness’ sake. I could say, you really have a good way of making people cry. :(

Am I stressed to think such unnecessary stuffs? Or maybe I’m going crazy already? I have dark circles around my bulging eye bags. And I don’t like it.

The good thing about all this nonsense problem is this: I like someone from school. Really liking him/blush
Some stuffs are going weird in my head, =))

Have a blessed day everyone :D


  1. Hi Jenny. You have a lot of stuff going round in your head! In fact your head seems to be on overdrive in the worry department. I think you should try to worry a little less. There are many things in life we cannot predict and cannot understand, and worry doesn't help with these at all!

    Bearfriend xx

  2. Welcome to the human race - all of us sometimes struggle with these kinds of things!

    Life is neither predictable or controllable. To some extent, we have power over ourselves and how we choose to act - but that's about it. When I decide to just be at peace with that, and consciously choose to trust God, then I experience freedom.

    Know that you're in my prayers Jenny.

    BTW - Glad that you had a good Valentine's day!

  3. Indeed! :D

    I wonder, can worrying do something nice to people??? Haven't seen your name Friend of the bear..:(

    Thank you Ms Tracy!:D
    Life is neither predictable or controllable

    True, true. But it's somehow frustrating at times.

    I hope you had good one too :)

  4. be clear in your head that if worry is helping you to solve problems then keep it up but i is not then try to get rid of it dear,facing most hated teacher is really not big deal i think you are being over sensitive now days but i am really glad that you like some one and you will be fine when you will be with the person who you like ,god bless you

  5. i look like a really idiotic person..:)) as i read my recent blog post, you will notice how unorganized my thoughts were (at the time of making this post). :P

    I think that i'm really worrying too much already..

    Thanks for dropping by shabana:D

    HAve a nice day to you:D

  6. uy ogs dili oi :)) hahaha just liking someone /blush

  7. Hello Jenny. Well, we all have problems sometime or the other. I see weird situations on a daily basis. Worries always bring in challenges. You will always figure a way to get out of it.

    Have a great day!

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  9. argh typos. X_X

    worrying wont let you solve anything. just live and continue to love. after all, it's worrying that creates black circles around eyes.


  10. i have dark circles below my eyes :(( too much stress at school makes me anxious about what's going to happen to me after graduation .>weee..

    hi mr passerby :D
    thanks for dropping by here :D


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