Monday, February 22, 2010

GK Build

It’s been a while since I’ve written some post here. Documents to be passed are building up in my to-do list and I can’t simply ignore these things and do it later since these are the major requirements that we need to accomplish before the graduation thing. So before I lost my mind thinking that I NEEDED to write, I prefer to do it now. :D

The last days were really exhausting. I have circles around my eyes and I’m becoming thinner than the previous days (or maybe I am just exaggerating :)) ) :( Although I am that busy (as I claim to be), I need to be in the GK Build every weekend. It became my passion that I exert all my effort when I’m there. And when I say “exerting all my effort”, it means I’m sweating all my clothes with lots of mud on them.

Just a few hours ago, my friends and I were there. The house was now ready for the roofing part, or that part where we can attach the ceiling to its walls—not familiar with the terms :P My division-mates were assigned to do the duplex house. And it was done in just a span of 4 weeks. It was an amazing accomplishment since we only do the building once a week.

Although some people who went there a while ago did not took it seriously, some did :D My arms are aching though :(

This goes to all my division mates and to those people who have read this post and wanted to be on the next and last GK Build for this season—Feb 27 OR 28, 2010:
The Computer Studies Division will be going to DMC Mahayag, Bunawan for the last build this season.

Anyone who wants to join is very much welcome :D To those who are interested, kindly go to the CS division office and ask Miss Mae about this involvement. The next build will be announced in the following days. :D

Men and women alike did their part. The heat of passing a hollow block is dreadful but the excitement and fun that we had cannot be substituted for whatever pleasure the world can offer. Below are some of the pictures I grabbed in Diana’s Facebook account.

My batchmates and some division staffs :D

And this is the duplex house that we're working


  1. Hi Jenny. So great that you are still doing your building work even though you have so much school work to do as well.

    Hope you have a great week ahead and manage to get all your work done!

    Bearfriend xx

  2. I have always wanted to do something this interesting and fun. Glad you're having a great time with the building work.
    It sure is a messy job though...:)

  3. thank you sooooooooo much for such great pics dear you reminded me building of house of village it was mad by same kind of blocks and in some times i helped in building it is a great achievement when ever you think of it you will be proud of yourself,lovely job dear, have a great life take care

  4. I continue to think it's so cool that you're helping to build a duplex for someone(s) who needs a home!

  5. I'm not so sure but i guess there are certain organizations that conduct such charity works all over the world :)

    My friends and I think it's cool--building a house. It's something that we truly be proud of. :)

    It makes me sad though that the GK staffs are taking a break this month. I really hope that our division will still continue to be on the site without the GK staffs :D


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