Thursday, February 4, 2010

"It was the start of my senseless voicing out of thoughts"

It bothers me to know that I have neglected writing here when writing is my first love, my one true love as someone calls it. :P In the first place, writing has been a part of me ever since elementary days. It accompanied me in my darkest times…

I started writing poems about my crush :P He’s name was Charlito and he was one of the “cool” classmates of my sister Marianne. His eyes are really captivating that you will end up staring at it the whole time you see him at a distance. I remember putting the word “tantalizing eyes” with much gusto. It was a horrible poem since I did it the way old people does it: rhyming words (laughs). Then I would stick it on the corner of the bleachers and let it rot. Ahh, memories… It was the start of my senseless voicing out of thoughts.

One of the things that I enjoyed doing in my social networking site was the part where I can write. And then finally, in my first year in college, I decided to have my own account in blogspot. It was a mutual decision of my heart and my mind. Although there are times that I get tired at school activities, all the things that bothers me are all in here. All the enjoyments life brought me are said here. And all the things that made me cry with pain are well kept here.

This is my passion. Even though I am not a good writer, I still wish to write and read what others have to say about me and their lives as well. I miss this. And I miss your litany of thoughts in your respective realms of words. :)


  1. I enjoy reading your random thoughts. :-) It seems to me that you are very honest and real here. And that's something I do appreciate.

    I am very you write in English or in Filipino? And do you read my blog in English or does Google translate it for you?

    The reason I ask is because I noticed you said my last post was a mystery to you. I wondered if it was because of a language barrier? Or is the idea of a blacksmith foreign to you? I would love the chance to explain what I meant if you would like. :-)

  2. I write in English :)

    Oh, that? i was referring to the mystery of life..sorry about that. I should've made it clear:P I'll do better next time:)

  3. You are indeed an amazing writer. I love reading your thoughts. Pretty interesting life! Hope your schooling is better than ever...:)

    I had once written a poem when I was just 6. It was about a Mouse and a Cat. Pretty funny when I read it now... lol

    Have a wonderful day!:)

  4. I can relate to your feelings of writing being an outlet for you. I know that I enjoy reading what you have to say.

  5. Hi Jenny. Yes it's good to have somewhere to let it all out. Hope you do some more of it.

    Bearfriend xx

  6. one thing that which makes the writing attractive is an honest point of view about life and that you have dear ,i always enjoying reading you ,it is the thing which help to explore our selves .


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