Sunday, February 7, 2010

Job Fair

I never really thought about my graduation day (GRADUATION…oh, that?). So after more than 2 decades of schooling, I’m almost in the finish line of books and teachers in a lecture room. I hope so. So with only few weeks to spend in school, the school always has this annual Job Fair for the supposedly graduating students and their alumni.

So yesterday was the start of the two-day Job Fair. I was one of the participants. Almost all of my classmates were excited. Some of them even had their hair done, others bought new business attire clothes, and some did not participate at all. I was somehow nervous since big companies will be there and they will be the pillars that will support on our future jobs. But I got caught up with my resume picture that I ended up sleeping at 3am in the morning. Naturally, I was late. Not a good first impression though.

The moment I set my foot in a room packed with lots of glamorous men and women, I immediately felt bad about my attire. I look like an old woman and I felt so out of place. Girls at my age were wearing super sophisticated dresses while I, on the other hand, was just wearing my OJT uniform. :( There were hundreds of them, even thousands, all poised as my competitors.

At around 11am, I decided to give my resume on one group of companies. I was sweating all over as if I’m having my first recital (not that I have ever had one :P). The woman who accepted my resume asked me about how was my grades and if I will be willing to work outside the City—all in an informal interview. Maybe she’s expecting something from me since Kring applied before me (she’s a constant Dean’s Lister and is running for a Cum Laude). I know I did bad. :(

Most of the companies are into written examination before letting us in an interview. And most of them will just say, “Keep your lines open” or “We’ll call you”.

On the second day of the said event, I got a stomach ache. :( The list of the companies that I could’ve applied for was a total garbage and it made me sad. No one will ever hire me. T_T

The experience was great. I hope that from the 6 companies I applied, someone will hire me (fingers crossed).


  1. My Fingers are crossed too. I am sure you will get through in one of them. Well, they say clothing is the first impression. But its always the way one talks that counts in an interview. You are awesome at your grades. I hope all the six of them call. All the best...:)

    Have a great weekend. Hope your stomach pain is better...:)

  2. May you end up with the right job for you. Somewhere you can use your skills and talent and grow. Somewhere you can feel good about going to work.

  3. Hi Jenny. I'm sure you did better than you thought at the fair. It's only natural to be nervous and they won't take it as a bad sign.

    I hope you get a job which really suits you and which you enjoy.

    Bearfriend xx

  4. yeah, I also applied to (only) 6 companies, since last friday I became nauseated (maybe because of the heat, or I didn't get to eat much at lunch), the only productive activity I was able to finish last friday was the basic documents (sss, philhealth, nbi, and birth cert). - kaya nakaabsent narin ako ng philo later that day.

    I started with the applications on the 2nd day pa, doon din ako nagsisi, since I didn't get to apply on time sa davao light - and I was looking forward to din - since doon din kami nag OJT. pero no biggie.

    At the end of the day - yesterday, medyo malungkot ako, with just 6 companies - Most of my friends (batchmates), through YM and phone told me, na di raw ako mag alala kung di ako nakapagapply ng todo2x sa school job fair... there are A LOT more job fairs sooner than we think. at higit sa lahat - there would always be the job opportunities section sa newspapers... cheer up Jen! Magkakatrabaho lagi tayong lahat, you and I included. so don't get your hopes down - think positive.

    - Ogs

  5. jobfairs scare the shit of me. still. and I'm a recruiter.

  6. I really hope so (with the positive attitude of being hired) Ogs.

    But the thing is, i want to have a job already...:(

    I don't want to burden my father with my expenses..

  7. it is your very first step in practical life so being nerves is natural ,i remember my first interview i could not sleep all night and got stomachache plus headache too,but i believe that life will bring to you the best you deserve dear i agree that most important thing is confidence ,and above all after trying 100% we still not succeed then there is some thing else better then it is waiting for us god bless you


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