Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Opportunity Cost

Things were a little bit different as the rays of sunlight hit my face. The sun is slowly rising but my body seems as jaded as a POW. I carefully sat down and started to think of the long and tiring day that awaits me. Is it possible to just stare at the sky for a day without worrying anything at all? Or should I do my job instead? I have deadlines to catch up. Nevertheless, I made my way to the bathroom and take my shower—school is a must, so to speak.

At a random thought, I remember the opportunity cost our teacher was telling us. It was about the foregone things that I gave up and made me compromise about some things that I must do. Case in point is the time that I spend attending classes. Why do I see this as an activity that hinders me from doing something better? The reason for this is my job. I am currently living in a room full of words. I have a minimum of 4 articles to make for the time being; sometimes, 2 as the least. I juggle things around—studies, working my butt real hard, sleeping, eating, reading, and blogging—just so I can do the things that I needed or wanted to do. And for me to just bum around or listen in a teacher that does not add value to my life is just a total waste of time.

Most of the time, we are bundled up to the things that we needed to do—dropping the joy or experience of going out but tied up with babysitting or washing the dishes. The moment that I entered that school, I have but one goal: make a living someday. But I can’t do this without first learning the technical stuffs. So I gave up the pleasure of licking my lollipop in front of a TV with a cartoon show on it to learn the English and Filipino alphabet. Those were the medieval times of my life. Now, I gave up the opportunity to earn, read, and write to learn the C languages.

But as I ponder more to these things, I ended up asking: what are these I’m doing for? My theory to the reason behind all these things—giving up something for a less exciting activity—is the promising future it can give us. Following my father’s wishes merits me money or gifts in the end. Same with me going to school; the more boring it gets, or rather the more I stay in the school—learning, the more I can secure a good job in the future. :D


  1. Well, you were right on saying, that learning tends to a great future. The more we learn, the better we perform at workplace.

    Wonderfully written article. Have a great day jenny...:)

  2. Hi Jenny. I'm sure all your hard work will be worth it in the end! Delayed gratification is the phrase that was always put to me.

    Just keep reading and writing those essays!

    Bearfriend xx


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