Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sex, Booze, and Drugs

As I read through the article—Sex, Booze and Drugs—I came across different facts: cocaine as a legal public consumption during 1914, prostitution is legal in Nevada, and alcoholic beverages are illegal during 1920s. These issues are still controversial since today, a lot of crimes have been reported due to these vices.

Although there are laws that protect women from selling their flesh, I don’t think it is still moral to sell your body to cater your tummy’s craving and to satisfy someone else’s worldly endeavor. In cases of drugs and alcoholic beverages, countless people are still seeking for this kind of “escape”. And although there are numerous programs formed by the government to eliminate this kind of things, still, there will always be a renaissance. As stated in the article, “The consumption of each brings together a willing seller with a willing buyer, creating an act of mutually beneficial exchange.”

As a logical way of eliminating different crime related substances and act, the cops go after to the main person/suppliers to cut off its activities. However, exclusion of drugs and alcoholic beverages do not satisfy everyone’s want. Such is the case of new crime eruption due to the banning of these goods. Surprisingly, legalization of prostitution lowers its susceptibility to transmittable diseases such as AIDS.

Tightening the cops activities will lead to a fewer consumption as this will “increase the suppliers’ operating cost” leading to a more expensive retail price. Even in such illegal doings, the economics’ law of demand is still very visible—“The higher the price of a good, the lower the amount consumed." In such instances, the taking of drugs and other substances will shamble the activity. But, as I go along the article, I never thought that this action will be a way for others to kill and do other violent things.

The lack of news ads and means to make the public aware of the drugs and other illegal acts does not mean a low demand. There will always be a patron as long as the supplier delivers and vice versa.

As see it today, if the government wanted to lower the consumption of a good, they will intend to raise its prices or the taxes. One good example of this situation is the taxes of cigarettes. A huge effort has been made to eliminate the cause of deaths to several people. Nevertheless, the consumption of cigarettes is still high. This is because of the existence of a mutually beneficial exchange between the users and suppliers.

But the best way to eliminate these vices is to stop doing the deed. Agree?


  1. actually things are pretty complicated dear,most of people don't respect their limits and live life as it should not be live,powerful crushes weak, so women lived under same circumstances for long,now they got release and could not keep themselves in right direction most of them are totally not aware of real usage of freedom they think much exposure and living without boundaries is a freedom ,so they don't have any thing to stop them but themselves, but they are not in mood of listening at the moment, believe me they know they are doing wrong and day will come when they will listen their heart and live a normal life

  2. Gee Jenny, ask a difficult question why don't you?!

    How to stop people from harming themselves with addictions to sex, drugs or alcohol. There has been huge success with 12-step programs. I believe the reason for that is because 12-step programs are spiritual, and root of all addictions is spiritual.

  3. Hi Jenny. Raising the price of any drug is only going to lead to more crime. Because the people who are taking that drug will have to steal more money or goods to fund their addiction.

    Education about drugs is the only real way to tackle it.

    Bearfriend xx

  4. I'm sorry Ms. Tracy. I'm not a fan of asking questions like what you do..:P

    The twelve step programs sometimes leave people more addicted in the long run.

    Rehabs aren't that effective since most of them are secluded and are forced to behave accordingly, but when they are outside, they are open to all other drugs.

    Although it does not happen all the time, this things. :)

  5. I hope education about this will work. With all that's happening, no one can think of the best way to eliminate such problems.
    Thanks for dropping by :D


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