Saturday, February 27, 2010

Supreme Accessories and Computer Essentials Super Store

I had a tiring week. All of us were bombarded with deadlines for papers and examinations on some subjects. We were really hoping that next week would be the last week we would be spending on our school. I really hope so. :D

So this week, we were so engrossed with our business plan on our theoretical company that we ended up not sleeping for a day (Yang2, Kring—my group mates, and me). The name of our company is SACESS or the Supreme Accessories and Computer Essentials Super Store. The main thing about this SACESS was to sell cheap but with high quality computer accessories in a mini grocery type store. The planning part was really fun and at the same time difficult since we are not some professional liars :)) But thank goodness we were able to pulls some ideas over some brainstorming :D

Of course, there were instances that we missed the deadlines since we find it so unappealing to make. The rest of our progress was really slow since we wanted to make sure that our teacher would get a Class A milestone from us. The only reason for me to fret on this subject was my constant absences and late. :P I’m sure I have exceeded the allotted tardiness and absences for this semester. Ma’am Tetet just let me through this time since I’m still attending her lessons :))

Then at last, I made it through the Financial Statements part. It was so easy to do that we ended up not sleeping for a day and just sleeping for as long as 5 hours in there consecutive days. Yeah, ‘twas easy. /nobigdeal

The balance sheet was a total pain since we can’t balance our assets and the partner’s equity and liability. :( Good thing Jefford Egoc was there to help us :D Actually, I really asked him if he could help us =)) So I’m the big thick faced gal, who cares?. But we desperately needed some help. He really helped us and did the 95% of our financial statement. The other 5% of the workload was for the assumptions and inventory pricing :D

And because of his generous help, we only have 2 minor revisions :) Our panelists told us that our salary was too big to be true so we needed to cut our budget for that. The other revision was about customs tax. Since our products will be imported from China, Philippine government would be taxing those goods high to protect the local sellers and manufacturers. I guess we did great on that business plan that Tita Lourdes (Yang2’s mom) offered to treat us for a banana cue + coke snack :D

To Yang: thanks for accommodating us (Kring) in your house. A big thanks as well to Tita Lourdes, Tito Chee-ping (and the rest of the gang) for the crust and fillings :D Thanks for the effort too :) Thanks to your callmate from street boys =))

To Kring: thanks for all the efforts that you did on this project. This wouldn’t be possible if not for your motivation to finish this :D
I will miss this..


  1. hahaha! thanks to street boys callmate na nakatulog ta!:)) wla na gud xa nitawag after nko gipatubag kay bruce ang phone!:))

    thanks sad jen kay gahut gyud kaau ka!! hahaha!

    thanks kuya poy for the balance sheet!

    most of all thank You LORD for allowing us to pass!!:D

    i'll surely miss this too.. such experience make me hate and love college life at the same time!:P

  2. Sounds like an interesting project and it sounds like you're very fortunate to have Jefford Egoc for a friend.

  3. Mao jud yang :) gahut man ta tanan siguro :))

  4. Hi Ms Tracy!

    Indeed! he's a good friend and with his kindness, we were able to pass the exam :D

  5. MAKAHILAK man ta ani oie??? waaaaaaaaaa... i mean, iLL be crying because of this. char!! unsa daw?? well, lingaw jud ang experience. sleepless nights man, dghan ghapon talks, stalking moments ug tawanan.. atleast lipay tang tanan at the end. ok pud ang results.. thanks jud kay kuya poy..

    I LOVE it gud. miski werla na atung banda sa last part, we DID IT GIHAPON! i am so proud of our group. langayan man, gahut ghpon.. lols :))


    p.s. di ko malilimutan si street boy guy.. hehehe.. sige jud ta'g katawa atu.. hahahaha.. hanggang sa makatulog na lng ako sa sahig at hindi magising gising si jenny.. hahaha :))

  6. hahahaha!true..true.. langayan jud ta :))

    i love you too kring:D


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