Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine’s Day

It’s always fun to have this day shared with someone that you admire so much, or so they say. But I wonder: Is that all that you can do—have a date, grab a pizza somewhere, hug each other and smooch him/her in the end? In my point of view, that’s not all that you can do in this season.

I don’t have a date, a date with the opposite gender that is. In fact, I plan to have my day in Mahayag, Bunawan. I’ll be spending my day under the scorching heat of the sun. I’ll toil and let my hands bleed. Did I make it sound so desperate and bitter? Hahaha! In approximately 15 hours from now, I will be there. :) I’m a bit excited. Know why? I’ll be building one of the coolest things I have ever made—house. This is my current project for the year 2010. But it’s quite hard since I have to actually do the digging. /no

This project is by “Gawad Kalinga, 1 Milyong Bayani” (Give Care, 1 Million Heroes—I translated it word per word :P) And because of this, I bought some sun block, and an arm warmer. I’m on the third week :) Hope I’ll last till our assigned house is done. It’s pretty tiring and some of my classmates won’t go because of the heat and the fact that we’ll be doing like what the carpenters are doing. We’re still on the flooring of the house. :(

Some of my friends really give importance to this day and desperately seeking for a date when they can spend their little time and effort to events that needs them. Valentine’s day isn’t just about having someone to go with on a dinner. It’s about sharing the love God gave us. It’s about making others feel loved as well. But I’m not against the people who have plans to go out tomorrow :P

Now, for the fun part, my girl friends and I are planning to have a dinner date tomorrow night. I turned someone else’ invitation down since I believe that I should spend the night with my most beloved friends, just a dinner and some fun :x

I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow as well. Happy Valentine’s Day! :D


  1. :) Valentines day isn't really a special day to love and stay in love.

    I just think it would be nice enough to love everyday despite the fact that it's not Valentines day. Right?

    :) you are a good writer. and a very passionate one. And don't worry. i dont know anything about you. Im just a passerby. :)

    I just found the urge to write a comment. The fact i need to emphasize is that i hope and wish everyday is Valentines day. Because of the present mediocrity that people needs to celebrate matters concerning love and everything about it only during this day.

    :) Love and be loved until you cannot love no more. :)

    Good eve.

  2. Valentines day sure is wonderful. But love is something that can be expressed everyday and not just on a special occasion.
    I will be hanging out with my friends.

    You have lots of fun and take care!

  3. Thanks mr/ms passerby :) i too believe in that :)

    I really hope to have fun later/ have a blessed day to you all :)

    It's 12 in the morning so i'd better sleep to catch the bus :)

    Goodnight :D

  4. I think it's so cool that you're helping to build this house!

    When I was single I always felt like I'd rather be with girlfriends than just any guy. Unless someone was really special, it wasn't worth my time.

    Have a great Valentine's dinner with your friends.

  5. Hi Jenny. What a great post!

    I think it's brilliant that you're choosing to spend your time working on the house. And spending time with a friend.

    These things are indeed acts of love.

    Have a great day!

    Bearfriend xx

    (PS sorry I forgot to follow you before. Just caught up on a whole weeks posts!)

  6. wow you are helping in building a house ,now that is my type of act dear ,lovely writing always worth reading and feeling ,i agree love can not stay in time limits it is free like a kind cloud which always has some rain in it,you are different so you will find you joy in some different activities ,but i know you will enjoy your love day so much ,happy love day dear and have a blessed life

  7. Happy Valentine's Day 2 u! I agree with everyone who says that to love and be in love should be everyday but isn't it great if you have a day to actually celebrate it?! I love my sweetheart every single day but I really enjoy this day too as it gives me a chance to actually express it more grandly! I see your point though when you say it doesn't mean going round looking for a date tho! :P All the best building for your house too. You write well, hope to follow your posts in future too!


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