Saturday, March 13, 2010

"The feeling of a throbbing and pierced heart then consumed me"

Although my previous posts talks about how sure I am to graduate, there was still that pang of anxiety that haunts me. And that anxiety was the reason why I’m writing here.

The feeling of graduation is sooo great that to think of its extreme opposite is so painful. We had our first assembly around 4 in the afternoon and I came to think of those times that I nearly lose hope because of my low grades. And to finally know that you did fine with that subject is truly rewarding.

As quick as the happiness of passing came, the feeling of a throbbing and pierced heart then consumed me. The surroundings became gloomy and all I could think was that piece of paper—that paper that acts as the parcel of our future. And it made me sad knowing that the initial grade (I’m claiming that there will still be a change) was a bit off from what I expect from the class.

I am not happy. I feel so down that the idea of graduating isn’t that appealing anymore. But I still believe that Father will be touch by some sort of a holy spirit so that his mind will change. I KNOW HE WILL.

I will never stop hoping and praying and BELIEVING that you can graduate friend :D I believe it. Hope you will too.


  1. definitely i believe dear ,i truly and deeply believe that every thing happens for reason and i am saying it due to my life experience dear you have wonderful guts and time will bring you the thing soon which you deserve and which is moat suitable for you just believe in god and you ,take great care god bless

  2. You will always get what you want. As Shabana mentioned, every thing happens for a reason. Don't worry too much about it...:)

    Have a great day!:)

  3. i hope things can be as simple as reciting letters from a to z. but i realized that when i do so at the age of 5, things begin to look bad.:(

  4. Sorry for the frustration and disappointment that you're experiencing. But I'm believing with you that you will graduate and that good things are waiting for you after graduation.

    BTW - My oldest son graduates from college on May 22 this year - so soon

  5. i know this(points at last line) isn't intended for me. pero thanks. ituturi ko nalang saakin. :) (kasi feelingero ako).


    - Ogs

  6. Graduation will always be a "bittersweet" but its inevitable, prepare yourself to the great challenges of labor force. Heed this as warning! nah, as long as you believe in yourself and know your abilities youll just be ok. I know it's late but Happy Graduation! hehe


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