Saturday, March 27, 2010


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For more than 15 years, I have been commanded to be in school. I was somehow forced to study and do good in all the subjects that I took since my parents do not want to have a poor headed kid, at least that's how I view things. And to give credit to the motivation my mother gave me (may she rest in peace), I reaped school awards (elementary and high school days) so to speak.

I worked hard to gain those honours and awards. It even came to the point that I drank energy drinks to stay put during those nights that I needed to study my lessons extensively. Yet, failures can never be avoided.

Failures are part of the evidence that we are just humans-erring humans. And although I am very much aware of this fact, I continue to blame myself sometimes for the failures that I encountered. Such is my weakness. I am afraid to be in the losing end that I secure myself above others. One thing that amuses me though is that when things don't go on my comrades way, I'll try to make remedies for them no matter how degrading that remedy is for me. I am selfish yet selfless (sometimes) at the same time. * laughs =))

With all the tribulations that I have encountered, I met a lot of people. I feel in love with them and made lasting friendships. For the record, I flunked two (2) subjects (College Algebra and Business Statistics) so I needed to adjust my other subjects so that I can take them again. The result is: numerous acquaintances. :D

One thing that pushed me not to shift to other division (since I was [really!] from InfoTech to InfoMgt student) was because of the tatak CS. No matter how alluring the other courses were that time, I just can’t leave the CS division. And thank God I did not go the other way since CS division molded me the best way they (teachers and staff) could.

And since graduation marks the parting of those mentors, friends, acquaintances and co-division mates, I am saddened by such truth. Yet, I continue to be a CSian. For richer or for pooer, not even death can do us part.

I’ll be missing the bubbly teachers and the “anjo” and “aiko” teachers such as Sir Bikoy, Sir Rey, Sir Marvin, Sir Roy and Ma’am Rowena in the division. And I am now missing the 6th floor of the Finster Building; the center lounge packed with students and the laptops all over the place; the MIS office of the ever fashionist-a Ma’am Tetet and the second fahsionist-a Ma’am Weng; the good looking guys at the TSO office with Sir Bonz, Sir Stony and Sir Kid; the colorful Ma’am Ruby in the office; the loud yet fun Sir O with the super quiet Ma’am Grace; the friend-of-all-students Ma’am Mich; the cool aura of Ma’am Shiela; the accommodating attitude of Miss Mae’ Doreen, Glenda, and Glen. I will be missing all the F6’s rooms with Ate Annette, Kuya Noe and all other LA’s. To sum it all up: I’ll be missing the CS division since each of them (people and place) comprises the words: CS DIVISION.

*I have been idle for some time now. Having said all of that, I want to leave this cyber world for the meantime to face the reality of unemployment realm :P God bless to all of you and to my job hunting :D AJA!


  1. May you find that right job soon

  2. You have worked really hard and come a long way. I am sure there's a great job awaiting you..:)

    Have a good day!

  3. Hi Jenny. Hope your job hunting is going well!

    Bearfriend xx

  4. Jenny, get back to writing on here when you can. Your shiny personality is what we all need here. :-)

  5. jen!!! karun lang nko na read ni imung blog!! it's sooo nice! i miss 6th floor and the whole CS gang as well!! i will surely miss sir bikoy and his annoying yet bubbly and happy personality! as well as sir rey with his kindness and the whole tso gang for being so nice ang accomodating to us.. and the cs division office aura with the positive energy of mam ruby ang ate mae's accommodating personality! haiii i miss CS! and i also want to find a job!:P


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