Saturday, March 6, 2010

I miss reading books

The more I think how far long I’ve missed reading them, the more I become frustrated. :( In fact, these past few days, no weeks, I’ve been spending my time in front of a computer: surfing, commenting on someone else social page, etc. But as the end of my college life nears, I became sad knowing that I can’t go to the library with just a few walks from our division floor. The last time I shop for books was last September of 2009. I really hope that I could buy a new one this time month.

Actually, I have a book, an e-book about vampire diaries. I never had a chance to open it. Kid gave it to me so that she can share what she thinks about the characters since no one’s been reading it. :P I’m planning to do a LOT of things but it seems like I need to do those and that things that I ended up doing nothing about my reading habits. I wish I could organize my life.

Come to think of it, all I did was to bum around this MUCH that’s why I can’t set things out for my wants and my responsibilities. I can’t balance my life right now. And I want to escape by reading someone else’ life. No matter how ridiculous that protagonist’s life is. I know it’s fictional, a phony life made by some unknown person that later got the interest of someone who then decides to print a lot of it so that others can read its nonsense thoughts.

But don’t you love to dream about these “perfect” lives woven by those people you haven’t met in your whole life? To feel the love that you never tasted even for just an hour or two? Don’t you love it when people in that perfect lives get all the best things in life and (I hate to say this but) they lived happily ever after? I do. :D

Maybe I was guided by my superficial beliefs on how one should live and on how one gets his or her luck that I set my standards too high sometimes. I should change. Nevertheless, reading makes me complete.

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