Friday, March 5, 2010

The Most Tedious Week

This week’s grievous attempt to escape the reality of failing and the notion of parting with my friends somehow made my mind preoccupied for the time being. As most of my fellow graduating students would know, this week is the key to marching. Passing this week’s exams will truly be the deciding factor to those who have battled with their teachers for four years now, some even five, others are on their sixth.

Projects also have their own way of stealing someone else’s sanity. For this week, I was lucky to get a 5 hour straight of sleep. Most of the time, we slept alternately so that the other can do the balancing stuffs—in our business financials—and others can get their nap. Just nap. Luckily, for our group, we only had 2 minor revisions. Projects don’t end there since we have to defend other subject’s requirements. It was some sort of a zombie week for us—stressful, really.

Exams are stressful, as in this STRESSFUL. This type of time is not one of those you-can-do-whatever-you-want-since-the-teacher-will-pass-you-in-the-long-run things. You need to exert effort. And by effort, I mean to say: not sleeping.

Most of us are dreading the possibility of not graduating, Kring (the smart one) even. Just with our Computer Architecture subject, I was gaining a lot of fats under my eyes, what more with our other subjects combined?

I can’t explain the pain that the entire experienced is causing us. It’s too much to handle, too hard to think…

I was never this sentimental. One of the funny things that I have experienced was the time that I was riding a jeepney to school. It was the normal day. As the driver was about to go to a certain gasoline station, I started crying. I swear. I simply put my hand in my eyes in case someone will do see me. That time, I was really experiencing the so-called pre graduation anxiety. Kuya RJ told me once that in our supposedly beach outing, many will pour their tears out. Not just because of the culmination of all those years of learning, copying, and still copying assignments and quizzes, but to the fun, excitement, disappointment and love this experienced gave us.
I am claiming all the members Most Outstanding Class of 2010 will March 20, 2010 :D Go for the gold guys :D


  1. May all your hard work come to good results

  2. my god ,some days ago i met my friend 's daughter she was also crying that her studies of medical are really tough and she wants to quit it ,some time back she was jut so much excited to join the hostel and start studying ,i tried to made her realize that she will be definitely able to adjust after some time ,i can only say that be calm every thing will be fine and you will laugh on your worry after some time,take great care god bless you


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