Monday, August 9, 2010


Later this afternoon will be my first day at work—technically. I still am not sure if I’m going to be working for that company next week since this week will be my probationary week. They might (the people in the office or the boss) hate me or my work. As for would be officemates, I’m not sure what to expect from them since I do not know them all, except maybe for Ryan (college block mate). He was the one who recommended the job.

I was at their office last Thursday for my interview. It was very informal and I guess I made all my answers sound so stupid. Urghhh. The place was set up as a typical office and is subdivided into two with which the first division was a little smaller than the other one. Their boss wasn’t there so I wasn’t able to meet him. When I came there at 5pm, around 10 people were there, mostly guys. And since I’m the newbie in the office, I asked Ryan if I can come with him in the office at exactly the same time. He said yes and my problem was solved :)

I’m all nervous, thrilled, and confused about this whole working thing for me. After all, this would be the first time I’m going to do this in the real world. Hope I can do good later. :)

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