Sunday, June 12, 2011

The 113th Philippines Independence Day

I was battling with myself a while ago whether to write this post in Tagalog—the widely used means of communication here—or in English. But since most of my visitors are from outside the country, I decided to go with the English language.

This year commemorates the 113th independence day of the Philippines. But how FREE are we, really? Does the absence of colonizers truly prove that we are free?

Independence Day is supposed to be celebrated by everyone. But I don’t see the need to celebrate since IMHO, freedom was never present in this country, not ever. Technically we are free. But how do you define the need for the government to kiss ass to other powerful countries, say, US or China; or to rely on how big of a favor a certain country would give? I’m not being so proud to not accept to myself that we need them but I would say that sometimes the government is forgetting that their loyalty should be to the Filipino first and not to some race that has little care to our children’s future. 

I’m not saying that it doesn’t need to be celebrated but how about Filipinos who are busy looking for food on other people’s garbage bags? I would sometimes think that this whole Independence thing is a celebration intended to those who can afford it, that this is something that we should be thankful for to our ancestors but not to be celebrated.

We were never free. Not even to our own countrymen. When colonizers came, it’s as if some Filipinos were trying to follow their footsteps. They steal and lie to their fellow men. Some get wealthy and some continues to scathe their lives, blaming everyone on how their children died out of starvation. And I ask myself, does this poverty would be around here for like 100 years or more because if so, I’m just going to find another home and raise my children to a decent country. But my hopes are still…well, there. That someday, Filipinos would change.


  1. I had ablast reading your posts!! I will certainly follow you my dear! and thanks for the visit and the sweet comment you left in my Blog!! I Heart chu! kisses***

  2. Hi Jenny! It's been a long good to hear from you. I didn't think I would hear from anyone since I had been away so long.

    I wish I knew more about the history of your country. Perhaps I should do a little reading tonight. I am interested to know more about your feelings about your I am beginning to wonder about the independence of my own country, although perhaps for different reasons.

    See you again soon!

  3. thanks dylzie or jogels :)

    Ms Chel: me tooo.I've stopped for a year or so.

    You'd be depress if you'll read about our history..thanks for dropping by :)

  4. dear I was reading this book by Barbara Gonzales "We are History" and OMG! the truth can really hurt! Was also reading a few articles by Foreigners on their observation about our culture kaloka! But anyhow I am still a proud pinoy i love my country and trying to change my self muna before trying to get a heart attack changing fellow pinoys around me! char!!

    I heart your blog keep posting!

  5. SUPER TRUE! I read one article posted online by a foreigner and he ranted about this whole Filipino "habits" of calling "Joe" the spitting and urinating along the streets.
    Yun din, di naman tayo lahat ganyan. Tsaka meron din namang magagandang qualities ang Pinoys--uplifting the morale ba itech?hahaha!:)

    Thanks Jogels (yan na name na imemention ko ha?) :D

  6. LOL* yeysh! just call me Jogels para vengalore india ang chikahan! Haha!! you're not in bed yet?? I am so live stream hunting for the milan fashion week shows i had only a few hours of sleep because there's so much happenings now in Milan too bad I'm here stuck in my room LOL** screen shots screen shots nalang ang gay!

  7. Not yet. Busy busyhan pa ang lola mo :P Well, malay mo sa susunod Milan na ang trip mo :)


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