Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer is FUN!

So one of the things that made my summer somehow great was the trip that we had in…wait for it…BOHOL :) I know I’m over ecstatic about it but can you blame me? I have never been anywhere near the VISAYAS islands so that trip really made my whole summer :D

When we were crossing from Camiguin Island to Bohol, we saw dolphins and flying fish and little Zowie (my sister’s daughter) was so cute and so happy about it. But the means of transportation there was not impressive since some of those “boats” were slow and somewhat old. Can you imagine? The engine stopped when we were in the middle of the sea! The panic on our faces was quite visible and some passengers even came near the floaters! So if you plan on going there, you need to choose what kind of transportation you’re going to ride.

The place was not that urbanized and you can actually smell the sea water almost anywhere. And oh, we went there with no idea where were going and so my sister Marianne got pissed with my dad because it seems like he had no plan AT ALL. But since she brought her laptop with her, we were able to print the map of Bohol and googled some of the spots that we could go. 

So we went to some church and to Sagbayon Peak and we were able to see the biggest snake in the whole Asia (?), then we passed their man made forest and..ok, I’ll just let you see some of the pictures :)




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