Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vampires everywhere. Seriously?

True Blood's Poster

Vampires are fiction but ages and ages of storytelling made these creatures present in our day to day supernatural belief. Adults would always tell kids that they will suck all the blood that you have as it is food to them. Although Reader’s Digest’s take on their book’s Great Mysteries of the Past (I forgot what edition-if there are other editions) on vampires was quite interesting. I super love that book since it covers the truth behind Lady Godiva’s horseback riding “lessons” or the legend about the woman pope of the Catholic Church among others.

It was told on that book that the original vampire lived in this enormous castle beside a cliff away from others-meaning he was an aristocrat of some kind or maybe he had this huge amount of money to build a castle for himself (I’m really sorry if I’m telling you this story in such a lame manner. I don’t have that book in me and my crazy brother won’t give it to me since it’s..ok never mind. Aaaand I googled it and it won’t show, sorry :( ). Bottom line: they dug the story of this man that the readers could eventually conclude that they are somehow true.

As a kid, I was afraid of them. I would always cover my neck with my hair when I sleep. HAHAH! Anyway, for some reason (at the time that I am writing this post), vampires became the hero of this generation. They became these creatures that young girls would want to be with—long fangs, icy-cold-sparkling skin, 100 or more years old teens, young unsuspected modern girl falls for them and so on and so forth. And I just don’t know what happened exactly but after Stephenie Meyer’s debut on her Twilight Saga movie series, everybody became unstable and started shouting “Edward, bite me.”

In fairness to the movie, they actually made it fun and alive compared as compared to the book—no offense meant to Twilight fans here. HP still, IMHO, is the best fiction story ever written. So after Meyer’s successful movie series, a lot of vampire stories then emerged in the history of TV series. There’s this Valemont story about this young girl who wanted to find his missing brother in a school full of vampires; there’s Twilight about a 100+ year old vampire who falls in love with a normal girl; you’d probably encounter The Vampire Diaries—the mother of all vampire stories I think—which story revolves on this two brothers fighting over this vampire girl then as the story progresses they turned into vampires themselves and after a century, they met this girl—the doppelganger of their first love—and they would eventually fall and fight over this girls affection; True Blood is also now on its fourth (4th) season with the main protagonist as a waiter in a bar with this supernatural power then she saves this vampire whom she’ll fall for in the long run and so on and so forth. And make no mistake to include those vampire stories that are still on the bookstores. *breathes

With all these vampire series, aren’t we tired of them yet? I guess not since a lot of people are still crazy about these series and would die just to argue that their series is the best of all. BUT WHY VAMPIRES? Are there no other creative stories that they could come up with? I would argue until the last of my breath that HARRY POTTER series is still at the TOP and no one, at this point in time, not one fiction story could still overthrow it—spoken by true diehard fan :))

I’m not saying that I’m not a fan of any of these vampire stories because I AM but why can’t they turn away from these vampire-gets-to-fall-in-love-with-a-human-girl plots? Can’t they just think of something adventurous than just falling in love with a human girl then risk her life because her blood is sooo good? I’m so fed up with all these similarities.

Sorry. Just complaining. :P But no kidding aside, I think writers should do something about this sinking boat of vampire stories. Just saying…

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