Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blog Topics

The most stupid thing a blogger could do is to ask his readers what topic he should write next. It’s crazy enough admitting you don’t know what you’re gonna write and to admit that is BEYOND mad. I would confess that I sometimes find it hard to concentrate on what kind of blog I would post next especially if I’m not that inspired but you don’t go asking people around. It’s a BIG NO—for me.

Some will probably search topics over the net that goes like: Good blogger topics, blog topics, good topic to write on a blog, and etcetera. Well, I was blog hopping the other week and I found a blog with the author asking for his readers to give him topics and help him write his next post. I personally think it’s OKAY to ask but then he got this next post saying how disappointed he was because his readers wasn’t that enthusiastic into giving him what he was asking. That little monster :))

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sync G+ to your Twitter, Facebook and

Good news! G+ users can now sync their status to Twitter. They call it the G+ agent. All you have to do is go here and follow the instructions they’ve presented:


Thursday, July 21, 2011

What it feels like to be powerful: The revelation of a former bully

I always go to school strutting as if I own the place. I feel proud. And why shouldn’t I be? Those kids, those grubby kids that try to befriend me are nothing, nothing compared to me. I live in this big house with a car and they live on those nasty little cottages. I could make them my slaves. I could buy them if I wanted to. I could even buy their WHOLE family.

I have friends that I wouldn’t be ashamed to call as such. They have cool stuffs, pretty dresses, and gorgeous everything. The way they live was much more similar to mine. And I like them because well, they’re rich, like me. And although I have those cool friends, I admit that I still need those low class fools. Who would buy my food? Who would carry my bag if I get tired? They pretty useful I admit so I let them accompany me from time to time. No big deal as long as they do the things that I want them to do.


Saw this on my email add and I  decided to buy a similar one in the future! Though I think I'll find first a red stilettos. :D

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