Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blog Topics

The most stupid thing a blogger could do is to ask his readers what topic he should write next. It’s crazy enough admitting you don’t know what you’re gonna write and to admit that is BEYOND mad. I would confess that I sometimes find it hard to concentrate on what kind of blog I would post next especially if I’m not that inspired but you don’t go asking people around. It’s a BIG NO—for me.

Some will probably search topics over the net that goes like: Good blogger topics, blog topics, good topic to write on a blog, and etcetera. Well, I was blog hopping the other week and I found a blog with the author asking for his readers to give him topics and help him write his next post. I personally think it’s OKAY to ask but then he got this next post saying how disappointed he was because his readers wasn’t that enthusiastic into giving him what he was asking. That little monster :))

So now, I came up with this idea to list some topics that some bloggers might find interesting and hope they can write it to their blogs as much as I would want to write them myself. It’s a bit short than I intended to but I’ll add some up later.

  1. The first time I cook
  2. Why do I need to drink a lot of water?
  3. The so-called “spark” and how men invented them
  4. How to look hot before that dreaded homecoming
  5. That time when I tried to learn Fookien
  6. When your e-mails don’t get answered
  7. Evolving world
  8. Too much sweets could kill you
  9. Bosses yell too much
  10. Eminent reality shows and their contribution to our society
  11. What could have been
  12. Getting even
  13. My favorite aunt in the world
  14. Penny less, money full
  15. When karma strikes back
  16. The player gets played
  17. I never should have said anything AT ALL
  18. How thick can you get?
  19. When you lie and get busted
  20. What I like about you
  21. Coffee no more
  22. King of anything
  23. You’re the best foster father I’ve ever had
  24. Journey towards i-don’t-know-where-yet
  25. Why I hated you before
  26. A mother’s love
  27. I could not ask for more
  28. Cyber-stress
  29. Wit beyond measure is man’s great treasure
  30. Au revoir


  1. LOLd at some of them like #8 and #9!! :D I know it can be tough to write when you hit a writer's block but the guy who got disappointed on not receiving feedback was hilarious!! :)

  2. Why is it so funny? I was thinking to warn people that really, too much sweets could kill. My gran died because she had diabetes. Number 10's inspiration came from my dad :)


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