Monday, July 18, 2011

Fireproof Inspired

Nestor, a friend, just watched Fireproof. It’s a Christian spiritual movie that basically tackles our individual relationship with God. The story revolves around this couples who’s about to get divorce and the husband was trying to save their marriage but the wife was, well, not into him anymore. Here’s the synopsis.

I have already watched it but forgot about it then Nestor tweeted about it last week and a few of those lines really struck me…

“He considers hatred to be murder and lust to be adultery” (and maybe even profanity as blasphemy).

And just thinking about those lines, I’m like, yeah, it sure is. These are the small things that we consider as little sins but when we think about it, there are no small or big… they are all sins. I’m really trying my best to be good and kind and understanding to everything but it’s HARD. I never thought being kind can be this TOUGH. It’s cuuuuraaazy.

I guess I’m thinking too much. As much as possible, I evaluate the things that I did for the day just so I can get track and decide how evil I am. And I think it works because when I said things that aren’t too nice, I became aware and it makes me more careful with the words that might I say in the future. So yeah, it’s like having a surgery. It’ll make you good but the process will be hard and painful.

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