Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Let’s face it, we all like to gossip. And although it’s been viewed as some kind of entertainment by people, it really isn’t especially if these rumors aren’t half the truth. I shudder to think why some people would want to spread lies to their friends, colleague, neighbors, etc. To the ones who have been gossiping, it’s a blissful kind of activity. But to the person who’s been gossiped about, it’s an everyday battle against hell.

I have a neighbor who likes to gossips about everybody. She’s like a paparazzi. She’s super updated as to what everybody’s been doing. I don’t care that much if she’s gossiping all day but when she started gossiping about dad and me and our whole family, I was livid! But I guess dad was a bit used to her that he simply shrugged that incident off. But I’m not. And I just couldn’t believe why she would say offensive things about how I live when I’m not doing anything wrong or illegal. Pffft!

And there was this incident in college. I don’t know why some people hate me so much that they would invent something like how big my belly was because they thought I was pregnant. It happened last year. I would understand if haters would gossip about me but FRIENDS? I mean, who does that to their own friend? I was thinking why they didn’t ask me personally. Instead, they gossiped, ask our other friends behind my back and when they could’ve ask me (there’s this one time when I was sitting in front of them) face-to-face, then they whispered to one of my best friend and asked how true that gossip was. Come on.

I am a gossiper but I don’t gossip to ruin someone's life. Scratch that. I relay news than just baseless accusations. I ask my sister one time why and she said that maybe they don’t have anything to do with their lives that they tend to live their lives vicariously. And this kind of lifestyle is pretty prevalent among Filipinos—and I think even outside this country. Why would reality television sell so much if we’re not that kind of people who’s obsessed with others lives? If something like that would still happen for the next years, I don’t know what improvement to expect in this world.

Bottomline: I hate gossipers. HAHAHAHA!


  1. Gossip is so rampant everywhere that they could make an international tournament out of!! :) It is usually harmless but as you correctly pointed out, it can turn malicious in no time!

  2. yeah, and it's hard knowing that some people will view you as that kind of person when you aren't really! :|


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