Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 16, 2011

It’s been six years since mom died. Dad decided to commemorate her death by throwing a gathering. Usually, only mom’s siblings are invited but his year, he invited some of her co-teachers as well. It was a bit of a shocker. I can tell that Uncle B wasn’t expecting them too. Then I had a suspicion, well, they had a suspicion and I was thinking that maybe they’re right.

After having lunch, we visited mom (with the exception of dad and my two younger siblings). We offered a prayer and then my uncles were babbling about the presence of mom’s co-teachers. Then Uncle B suddenly said that maybe dad’s trying to ask for our permission indirectly about his girlfriend (girl friend rather) through mom’s former co-league. Mama T said that it could be since they were the one who introduced them to each other. Uncle D, out of nowhere, blurted out that he doesn’t want dad to get married again. I can’t really blame them if they are against the idea of dad marrying that woman because first, they’re mom’s sibling; two, they don’t know the woman, and three, they care about us and don’t want dad’s attention to be divided among his future wife and us.

Uncle D actually was not very happy about dad having girlfriends but since he can’t stop dad from meeting girls, he just kept his silence. He said to me (that time when we visited mom) that he knows a lot of people who got married again and saw how the kids suffered from it and said that, “It will change your life forever.” If you could just saw his face you would say that he’s gone mental. He’s TOTALLY opposed about it. And take note, he was the only one who’s got that kind of reaction among mom’s siblings.

Uncle D and Uncle B were pressuring me to stop, whatever it takes (sounds like it’s a matter of life and death), the impending wedding of dad and whoever-that-woman-would-be. And I’m a bit confused. I already gave my blessing to dad if ever he’ll marry again months and months ago and I don’t think I can take it back. I’m really confused. Uncle D even warned us that our lives would be destroyed, as well as our family, if it will happen. /no

Uncle D believes that once dad decides to marry again, that woman would ask dad to choose between her and us. He added that all second wives would want to be at the top of a man’s priority list and that our presence would make things chaotic. In our case, that kind of chaos is inevitable given that I still have three younger brothers: one’s in college and the other two is in high school.

I felt really horrible that day. I almost cried in front of them and I couldn’t say anything since they dominated the conversation, telling Mitch and I, what they think would happen if we allow him to do it. I need some divine guidance at this point in my life. I need it badly.

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