Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Father's IM-ing. Yeeeey...not

My father’s now learning the basic of a PC since he’s eager to IM some “hoojin” woman. I’m not sure who it really is but I think it’s his GF.  Well, a while ago, we had Basic PC functions 101. It was a total nightmaaaare! I had to endure his questions about EVERYTHING! He was asking me about these words like “sharing pictures” and et cetera and he was reading ALL of it. I’m a bit irritated but since he’s my father, I unwillingly but obediently taught him.

I’m sick. I had this flu vaccine shot yesterday and my left arm is in total pain! My head hurts and I wanted to pop a pain reliever. Unfortunately, I still need to buy the medicines that I needed. AND I don’t want to since I’m not feeling well to go and buy my own medicines—no one’s buying me. :(

Ok back now to my father. He’s really obsessed with this hoojin woman since he even suggested not turning off the PC in case she’ll PM her. God help me. And I hate this woman who’s been trying to make him do these stuffs. Why doesn’t she teach him herself?! UGH!


  1. Hehe..I can feel you. I had a tough time teaching my pop everything about computer too so that he could video chat with me (thankfully not with another woman!!)..!! :) :)

  2. HA! lucky you. And just a while ago, he showed me this woman he's chatting with..UGH!:P


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