Friday, July 8, 2011

Philippines' K+12

I was intending to write about this whole K+12 thing when it was about to be implemented but I got so busy that I haven’t had time to think about it just yet. But now that I think about this, I’m not so sure how this would work. I believe that children should be sent to school as it is their basic RIGHT. Or is it a privilege?

Some say that education is a right while others would say that is a privilege. I think it’s both. It is a right every kid should have. No matter how poor a family can be, every kid deserves to be sent to school, even in a public one. BTW, most public schools in our country, especially in the primary and secondary levels, are deemed to be unworthy. The education system in our country is waaay below compared to our other Asian counterparts. Anyhow, a lot of parents are doing what they can to send their kids to school, no matter how difficult it is for them.

Education is a privilege because not all kids have good and responsible parents that would send them to school. Or perhaps it could be because that they’re not earning that much. I dunno. But I think it’s a bit of both. I may have a hard time explaining it but yeah, it is both a privilege and a right. :P

Now the Philippine government is having this K+12 program that enable students to stay longer at school and have an additional 2 years in secondary levels all over the country. Originally, there’s 2 years for primary level preparation—kinder, next comes the 6 years for primary, then 4 years for secondary, and 4-5 years for the tertiary level. Students are furious about this program because naturally, it’ll make them graduate later than they have expected. Opposition and some activists are unimpressed with this program. They’re saying that the government should first alleviate the quality of education first before launching this kind of program. But the government would say that by adding 2 years in the secondary level, they are improving the quality of education in our country.

K+12 sure have these advantages. Sure it can generate job to thousands of teachers who needs them but what about the shortage of teachers that is very much present? It could help the students to hone their abilities so that they can prepare for what’s out their in college but what about the much needed rooms that 50-70 students are sharing just so they can learn? What about the shifting of classes? Would they be able to learn from this environment? I’m for good education; I just wanted to know that the government is not producing so-so students. What I’m most worried about is that the government doesn’t have a clear plan on this. It seems like they didn’t plan this up thoroughly. It’s frustrating!

In fairness to the government’s program, it’s their first year this year and it's up to them to prove that they have what it takes to run this country. The program's result is yet to be seen so I’m really hoping for the best. I hope and pray that some spiritual being will guide this country. 

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