Monday, July 4, 2011

To The Person Who Gave Me Elena Gilbert's Diary

For all the things that I have written and said, for all those times that you’ve read my entries here and felt SAD, for giving you pains every time I said I love someone, for being stubborn (in general), for having this stupid heart, for not taking care of your feelings as I could have, for not being sensitive with your feelings, for not ALWAYS replying to your sms, for being a bitch towards you, and for every heartaches that I have given you…
I know it’s not enough and I know that this won’t take every ounce of pain I have given you. I just wanted you to know that even though I don’t love you the way you wanted me to, I really really REALLY like you. That’s all that I can give now…


  1. Gee Jenny...there must be SOME story behind this post! (BTW: Welcome to being human; sometimes we all mess up.)

  2. Hahaha!Hi Ms Tracy!there is but I don't think I can write it up here :) thanks for dropping :)

  3. wow really touching dear

    these are the feelings we sometime just want to express but cannot,sometime its ego and sometime something else take place

    my pc is doing nice now
    god bless you and best of luck for each dream dear.

  4. True true. Good to hear that your pc is good. :) Thanks shabana :)


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