Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weekend Mayhem

Last weekend, we had a trip—my sister, her daughter and my Aunt. Mama T decided to visit the mother of her deceased husband because she’s in a very bad condition and it was her birthday. She’s suffering from diabetes and she’s bedridden and her kidney isn’t that good. I don’t understand why Mama T would even bother to see them when they weren’t really that nice to her. They’ve lost contact the moment Uncle BT—the husband—died. Anyway, we spent the night at Uncle D’s house—Mama T’s brother. It was his birthday as well so it was a perfect timing.

The visit went…nice and as expected, they flaunted their riches. HAHAHA! Mama T said that it was their way of welcoming their guests and letting them know that they are, well, above everyone. They were adamant to their principle to marry only those that has the same riches as they have. And when Uncle BT decided to marry Mama T, they weren’t that, let’s just say, keen on having her as part of their family. To their benefit, not all of them were like that to her. There’s this one sister that was really nice to her so it was ok, at least one sister likes her.

Moving on… The thing that bothered me the most was the situation of my Aunt’s sister—the sister of the wife of Uncle D, that is. She was also there to spend some quite time away from her husband. She had this uhm, situation with her husband. His husband cheated on her and they decided to call it quits. They don’t live together because of the husband’s job and they only see each other once a month. According to her husband, she was not really this good to him, disregarded him when he was sick and never really gave him that attention, kind of neglected him…and that’s according to his husband. When the cheating started, I’m guessing that’s the time that the husband’s not coming home. The usual once a month rendezvous didn’t happen and they grew apart from each other.

Aunt B was quite devastated when she learned all this. I think her husband’s having this-middle-life-crisis sort of thing. The thing that bothers me the most will be their kid’s reaction to this whole situation. They don’t have any idea what’s really going on! No idea that their parents are having this agreement about the financial assistance that he’ll be giving and so on and so forth. Aunt B’s already having this thought about moving her kids to Davao. They’d feel horrible, they sure will.

And now, Aunt B’s reaching to God to pray, reciting novenas and she’s having these different kinds of people to pray over their situation. I can’t even imagine what goes through her mind right now. She’s trying to protect her kids and by doing so, she’s all alone. No one to talk to and she’s dealing with this heartache on her own. It would be so difficult to pretend that everything’s ok in front of her kids when she’s dying inside. Ahhhh, such a horrible thing to go through. But why, why do one needs to cheat?

Note: I’m not naming names here since my relatives are slightly Chinese—HAHAHA!—and they’re a bit conservative about things like these.  They believe that we shouldn’t speak about what the family goes through to other people. But I think that we should address stuffs like these to make out what we must do especially if we can’t talk freely to our family… 

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