Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wicked Me

I always hated my Grandmother. I don’t know why but maybe because she would always side to her other sons and daughters over my father. And what irritates me more is that my dad doesn’t care. But I do! 

My sister told me waaay before that mom doesn’t like my father’s family that much because they act as if my dad’s not part of the family. My gran sent my uncles and auntie to school (none of them ever finished, I guess) but it wasn’t the case with my father. I think. Ok I don’t know the WHOLE story but I know enough. Anyway, I THINK she paid for her elementary schooling (which really doesn’t cost that much because he was sent to a public school). But I THINK that during his high school years, that’s when he worked his ass off to get himself to school. As my sister would say, he somehow “ran off” away from home to work and eventually go to college. He supported himself because gran wouldn’t support dad.

With courage and perseverance, dad graduated and married mom. (HAHAHA! Where did that marry-ing thing came from??) Sooo dad’s siblings didn’t finish except for Aunt Susan—I guess. It was their decision not to work and gran tolerated it because she’s being “supportive”—as she would always tell everybody.

Gran’s family has a bit of properties. And although dad didn’t care much about those lands, gran and her oh-so-noble-children didn’t really give father a part on ANY of it. Maybe dad got tired and had long given up to be part of them. And maybe, dad’s doing great during those times (the days when they decided to divide the lands to themselves) that he doesn’t really care at all. The MOST shocking thing was when they would declare “bankruptcy” and would place the land as collateral, they had the never to ask money to him! Anything that involves money, they’d ask dad. BTW, Aunt Susan borrowed a huge amount from dad and she’s now refusing to pay it and she’s insisting that she already paid it a loooong time ago. But I don’t believe her; they don’t have that kind of money to pay dad in an instant. Then gran would ask dad for an allowance (even though she lives here) and would give that money to my cousins, much to my chagrin. I hated them. 

They never really treated dad well but I guess gran’s making it up to him since she’s been staying here, well most of the time. She would cook food, clean the house, babysit the house, and all other stuffs like taking care of the things that my brothers would need et cetera et cetera. I would sometimes help her but I dunno, I easily get tired and maybe I’m trying to make her pay of all those things she did to dad. HAHAHA! I’m so evil. /wahaha

BUT a lot of that hatred now slowly subsides as gran’s always here and she would do pretty much everything. And I don’t see much of my other relatives from my father side so we’re all ok. :P Anyway, I got all that info from my sis. She said mom used to tell her that story and they resented gran and everybody else that hurt dad. I sometimes TRY to understand them because they might really have nothing buuuut I just don’t feel the sincerity. And some of them pretty much epitomize LAZINESS in all aspect. My uncle refuses to work (he only accepts office work; good heavens!), separated from his wife because he’s lazy and doesn’t support his family. My other uncle’s wife doesn’t work as well and does nothing. UUUUGH! It’s annoying. But I’m really trying my best to accept them. It’s something that I needed to work for everybody’s sake. And it’s hard. /no

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