Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 Web Poll

The Miss Universe is drawing nearer so naturally, Filipinos are now going gaga to vote for Shamcey Supsup (Miss Universe Philippines 2011) in the Miss Universe web poll. My sister’s now bugging me to vote for her. Just so she’d stop, I voted for her a while ago. Here’s how:
  1. Go to this site.
  2. Find your country’s representative (in my case, it’s Philippines). Shamcey Supsup’s name is link to another page where you can vote. Or you can just click the "Vote" button then you can go directly for the number 4 instruction.
  3. There are four (4) shots—glamour, close up, evening gown and swimsuit—that you can browse for each of the candidate. Below the picture is the button Vote.
  4. A pop up window will appear that you’ll need to complete such as email address, country, verification code and some check boxes. Then you have some buttons and click the button that corresponds your liking for something—they didn’t specify so I’m assuming that it’s about the whole Miss Universe thing. Click the “Submit vote for” and you’re done! :)

If you completed the form right, then this picture will be shown

Friday, August 26, 2011

I felt weird

A couple of hours ago, my 2 friends and I were “tweeting.” It started with F talking about something his dad did and so I joked around a bit. C and I were teasing him and all and then all of a sudden he said that we shouldn’t “blab” about it. I got so pissed with the word blab—as if I’m the one posting stuffs on our Facebook group account (he left the group see, so he was surprised to know that his name’s still being dragged there). I replied to him saying that he shouldn’t used that word because it’s not nice and it’s as if he has this thinking that we were spreading something bad about him. If he’s so conscious about people knowing what he’s posting on twitter, then he should make his tweets private and block us or something, right? I just need to let it all out. If he reads this, then fine. Maybe, if he has looked beyond that post (which I’m not guilty BTW), he would have seen that we’re just concern about what’s going on with him. Isn’t that bad?

I guess this is all a learning experience to everyone. I totally understand him if he got a bit mad or whatever because I felt the same way once with Mama T. We had a nasty fight then. But I really think that he should have chosen his words carefully. That’s all.

Lesson learned: We all have our own boundaries.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saddest Day of My Life

This is OUTRAGEOUS! A total lie! A blatant breach of rules! I’ve been checking my email every single day and still no mail from potter so today, I decided to visit the site and to my horror, here’s what I saw:

I think I’ve messed up with my registration (since I was a bit dazed that I finally won the contest) that I mistakenly checked the “read all the books” and left the “watch all the movies” which translates that I have only read the books and never watched the movies when in all honesty, I HAVE!

They should have not made that stupid magic quill contest and accept winners when they can’t accommodate all of them! This is just the most annoying thing that I ever experienced! I hate JK (just this time)! And I hate the webmasters of Pottermore!

Monday, August 22, 2011

"And things have been quite repetitive that I started to doubt myself..."

Time is running so fast I don’t even know how things have changed. Time…that would be one of the reasons but distance and priorities also played the part of how things and people are to me now. It makes me sad but I guess this is the only way…

I know that for some reason, I’m not that memorable. It’s in the face, see. And the more that I talk less, the more people would not notice that I actually exist beside them. That’s how I decided to guard myself from unwanted attention. Of course, human beings are in need of attention but I just got to the point where it doesn’t really matter that much when you don’t care for the person you’re getting it with. Do you know what I mean?

Binasbas Dental Care, Maniki, Kapalong, Davao del Norte

Last week, I decided to go to my dentist (yes, MY since he'll be my dentist from now on) and have my molar sealed and have my teeth cleaned. This year, I decided to go to a different dentist to see some new, er, environment. My former dentist was a bit strict and I don’t like her that much I don't feel that comfortable with her so… Anyway, my new dentist has these cool gadgets! As he was sealing my molar tooth, he showed me this gadget which looks like a laser gun. Have you seen those laser guns that aliens use when they’re about to take over the world? Yeah, that one. At least it looks like that kind of thing from my point of view. :P

Some of the things that made him a good dentist (in my opinion) are as follows: He smells nice-which is good, very accommodating and I feel comfortable talking to him. I would say that his clinic has the best teeth related gadgets that you could find in our town so I’ll give that a plus. Aaand well, I don’t know his name. I think it’s Glenn—anyway it's not important.

I’m planning to go back there to have my 2 molar teeth sealed for better cleaning and perhaps align my teeth using braces (I don’t know when yet. I’m quite busy right now. Hahaha!). Oh, the clinic’s name is: Binasbas Dental Care (near Clementa Subdivision, Kapalong, Davao del Norte).

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Choco Almond Fudge/Double Dutch

I can’t stress enough how important this ice cream is to me. Well, it’s something that will never happen again for sure. I can buy a new one but this one is like the epitome of love. =)) Thanks mate :)

I know it looks ugly—camera’s not that good. But I SWEAR, it’s an ice cream :D

Heello you! :)

For your information:
The contents of this post has been moved here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodbye YouAre

I really felt bad for the founder/s of YouAre. It’s a microblogging service developed by Blogs Media and it was launched last 2008. It is said to be a combination of Twitter, Tumbler, LinkedIn, and When it was still up and running, you can share photos, videos, comments or any kind of images you wish to share. It also supports @replies and DMs with 140 characters per status update and you can follow friends as well—basically much like Twitter that we all know now. It didn't last long so now, they’re closing/selling it. I got this message when I went to visit the site:

YouAre message (Click to enlarge)

For more information about the deceased YouAre, click here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oatmeal to Tighten Pores

I was surf channeling one night and I stumbled across this channel who gives tips on what you can do to take care of your skin, face, health, etc. And who would knew that you can use oatmeal as part of your skin care regimen? The host of this particular channel kept talking about oatmeal as a home remedy which you can use to tighten your pores. I got curious so well, I tried it. Here’s the “recipe” as instructed:
  1. Put two table spoon of oatmeal in a bowl.
  2. Add a table spoon of cold water then mix.
  3. Put on your face and leave for a few minutes or until it feels dry enough.
  4. Wash with cold water and pat with a clean towel.

Postal ID Requirements-Maniki, Kapalong

Some of my friends kept asking me about the Postal ID requirements in our town (Maniki, Kapalong, Davao del Norte, Philippines). So, instead of answering them one by one, I decided to post this photo that I took last September 2010. If the requirements have not changed, then I guess these will be the things that you will need:

Postal ID Requirements

Monday, August 8, 2011


I have this sudden realization that some of my friends—unwelcome friends—are reading my blog. Although I’d like my blog to be popular, I don’t like the idea of my friends checking this site. HAHAHAH! Well, the reason behind this is that I’ve written some things that I don’t want to explain to them and when they’ll ask me about it, I don’t feel comfortable enough telling it all to them. I feel like this place is like a diary—except that everybody gets to see it. Argh! I can’t totally explain it. Now, I’m shaking in my pants trying to explain some contents about my blog to a friend.

For some reason, I kind of written something about this friend—I didn’t mention his name though—and he PMed me and said and that he read my blog. And I was like: Ok, so have you heard about…. Pak! It was a personal experience and I swear in my mother’s grave that I didn’t put something that could degrade or tint his already tinted reputation. XD Joke! I just put something about how I felt about this particular time and about how it affected me and…OK it was something about this guy whom I used to fancy. And…he’s now stalking my blog (AS IF! =)) ). Can you imagine that?!

Imagine, you’ve put things similar to ‘I like you’ and then he suddenly turns out to be reading that posts? Holy moly! I could just die in that instant. I feel like this teenager who got busted for staring at her crush 5 times! :| Although I have already moved on from that, I still feel a bit embarrassed. :P

New Twitter


Twitter Suggestions

Home Stream
Twitter automatically changed my twitter design to this horrible #newtwitter. Why can't I choose?! :( I've been dreading something like this would happen for about a year now but I still don't like it.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Dear Aunt!

Today would be the birthday of my very dear Aunt T! She’s been talking about this day for months now. She even planned to get drunk. :P I think she really wanted to do something different and I can see that her life now is a bit lighter. She can do crazy stuffs like get drunk in the middle of the night—not that it’s advisable, really; go to different places like fiesta; travel and hang out with her friends in the city. Life has never been this fun for her and I like it. :)

Three years ago, Mama T’s life (I call her Mama BTW) was the most stressful life I have ever witnessed. My gran was alive then and she was bedridden. She suffered diabetes all her life and was bedridden for more than a decade. And when Mama T’s husband died, she moved back and lived with gran. So when gran got sick, Mama T took care of her. Although she had this devotion to take care of gran no matter how tired she comes home from work, I could see that she was exhausted. And gran’s condition was getting worse and worse. Gran’s left leg was cut and it makes things worse. And when gran died, it was a total blow even though we saw it coming. That happening did good and bad to Mama T—good because gran can finally rest and Mama T could live her life (not that I’m saying she wanted gran to be dead, no) and bad because well, someone died and it was our dear gran. But now things are doing well for Mama T. She’s more relaxed and more…free.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Social Sites: Are they Really Bridging People?

With the birth of a gazillion SNS and other internet communication sites and programs, I sometimes think that we are getting less and less interactive in our real lives. The main purpose why web programmers built this amazing sites is to let people be updated with their friends and family from around the globe—who’s dating who, who’s getting married and who’s still aren’t, how’s the business doing and etc. But at the current phase of interaction most of us are getting, I’m not so sure if really, that purpose has been served properly. And I question myself: Have we taken advantage of these inventions the way that it needs to be consumed? It’s alarming because I know that the answer to that question is no.

In my family, I have 3 younger brothers. The eldest of them three is now in college; the other two are both in high school and all of them are very much glued to the internet. After school, instead of checking, studying their lessons and doing their home works, they go out and spend a massive 4-7 hours playing in the internet cafĂ©. And when they go home, they’re pretty much tired and would immediately go to sleep—if they’re not hungry enough to eat first. There’s no interaction, no how’s-your-day and you-know-what conversation.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I sometimes can’t control how I react to things and when that happens, disaster follows. Self control is like hammering your inner self not do or say things that could eventually result to something nasty. And I’m no master in that area. As I wander down to memory lane, I realized how bad I was to some of my friends…

When mom died, all the things she gave me were instantly considered as priceless—books, gadgets, hair curler—basically everything she bought. I haven’t really moved on with her death that I cling too much to the things that she once owned and gave me. And as clichĂ© as it may sound, I used to sleep with her clothes on my bed, trying to somehow sniff her scent. But I got over that but the longing and pain was still there.

"Overwhelming demand"

Pottermore’s about to crash (NOOOOO)! I hope not. I wanted to answer the 4th day question, just for fun, but then I was welcomed by this message:

I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with Pottermore this past few days. :P

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Before the Worst

I’m currently obsessed with one of The Script’s song’s Before the Worst (not that I’m not slightly obsessed with them). The song is about patching things up. It’s something that I really wanted to do since the separation. I know we didn’t end up in a good way and never really had that chance of talking things out. Maybe he chickened out since every time we “talk things out,” we would always end up together again. :)) I know he’s tired and just wanted to move one but I’m not comfortable with that kind of set up.

The last text I sent him if I’m not mistaken was about asking him if he has a free time because I’m going to return his dvds full of game installers. And he didn’t even bother to text me back just to say no or for me to go to hell or whatever. It’s like not even grunting when ask if you want to eat or not. Maybe he’s phone got stolen or my number got deleted accidentally or maybe he just don’t want to talk to me. But I’m cool about it. I don’t want to bother him anymore if he’s that bitter anyway. HAHAHA! Kidding! :D

Happy Birthday Kim!

A shout out to my friend K who is celebrating her birthday today! I didn’t really expect that we will get along so well. Who knew that we will someday form a gang called Mature4, huh? :D And who knew that we will have our counterpart gangster: BIG4? I just wanted you to know that although I might not be there to celebrate your birthday tomorrow, I’m celebrating from here: eating A LOT, sulking and feeling sorry for myself that I wasn’t there. You know, that sort of stuff. :D

Anyway, I visited my myspace a while ago and I saw this picture when we were once young and innocent:

Ohh, we're sooo cute.. (and dirty) /blush

I’m wishing you a safe flight back home! I love and miss you! Happy birthday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pottermore! :D

I’m super EXCITED! I was able register myself for this day’s Pottermore question! :) I still can’t access the site but I will be—sooner than the expected launch of the site this October.

The question was: In the Gryffindor versus Slytherin Quidditch match, in Harry's third year, how many points is Gryffindor leading by before Harry catches the Golden Snitch? Multiply this number by 35.

After seeing that the question’s been posted, I started shouting, immediately ran to my room, grab my book and started flipping through the pages on that chapter where Hogwarts had their Quidditch Cup Finals: Slytherin vs. Gryffindor. Dad’s a bit flustered too and asked us what’s wrong. HAHAHA! I couldn’t answer him as I was super busy finding the answer =)) Sorry pop.

Pottermore Magic Quill Contest

Yesterday, I saw an interesting post. It’s a friend announcing he now has an access to Pottermore—the very much anticipated website of J.K. Rowling about the Harry Potter series. I visited the site days ago and they’re still not accepting members. I left my e-mail address there just to be sure that when they finally open and accepting members, they can send me an email. So I was very shocked that my friend got accepted. And when I visited the site, they’re now having this Magic Quill contest.

The Magic Quill contest lets fans join Pottermore earlier than the expected opening this October. It’s basically finding the magic quill and answering the questions posted on the site. Once you have answered the question correctly, Pottermore will send an email saying that the user can now be accepted. It’s like Hogwarts, but they’ll be sending emails rather than letters carried by owls.

Rumor has it that the site is like the website version of Hogwarts which includes House points, sorting students to different houses, etc—I read it somewhere.

Now, I’m all glued to the site and I’m refreshing it every second. It warns fans saying: Be quick, The Magical Quill won’t be there for long and registration will only be open while spaces are still available each day. This is torture.


I have this sinking feeling that I might not be able to go and celebrate K’s birthday celebration this Thursday. I texted her and told her that the date is quite impossible to get away with. I haven’t seen her for more than a year now and I really miss her and the girls.

I really wanted to go, I just don’t know if one, I can make it on time; two, if it’ll be OK to spend the night away from my family when were supposed to be together—praying or remembering mom as it is her birthday as well. K’s birthday will be on the 3rd of this month but she decided to celebrate it the day after because I think there’s a little complication on that exact date. Or maybe she just wanted to spend it with her family, I dunno.

Monday, August 1, 2011

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