Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodbye YouAre

I really felt bad for the founder/s of YouAre. It’s a microblogging service developed by Blogs Media and it was launched last 2008. It is said to be a combination of Twitter, Tumbler, LinkedIn, and When it was still up and running, you can share photos, videos, comments or any kind of images you wish to share. It also supports @replies and DMs with 140 characters per status update and you can follow friends as well—basically much like Twitter that we all know now. It didn't last long so now, they’re closing/selling it. I got this message when I went to visit the site:

YouAre message (Click to enlarge)

For more information about the deceased YouAre, click here.


  1. Oh that's sad some social networking sites just can't handle the competition =( remember friendster? it's also dead! I heard that multiply is also having a hard time now.

  2. Hello jogels! I deactivated my friendster waaay before Facebook came along to destroy it so I never really knew that it could happen to any sns. But yeah, with multiply I can feel that. It's like this ghost town now. Feel ko lang ako lang yung active dun.hahahaha! :)

  3. LOL korek! i cant remember the last time I visited multiply.. the problem is now i can't even take my photos out of that site dami ko pa naman doon na iwan

  4. Maybe you can when they'll decide to close in the future :P Bad :Xp


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