Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Dear Aunt!

Today would be the birthday of my very dear Aunt T! She’s been talking about this day for months now. She even planned to get drunk. :P I think she really wanted to do something different and I can see that her life now is a bit lighter. She can do crazy stuffs like get drunk in the middle of the night—not that it’s advisable, really; go to different places like fiesta; travel and hang out with her friends in the city. Life has never been this fun for her and I like it. :)

Three years ago, Mama T’s life (I call her Mama BTW) was the most stressful life I have ever witnessed. My gran was alive then and she was bedridden. She suffered diabetes all her life and was bedridden for more than a decade. And when Mama T’s husband died, she moved back and lived with gran. So when gran got sick, Mama T took care of her. Although she had this devotion to take care of gran no matter how tired she comes home from work, I could see that she was exhausted. And gran’s condition was getting worse and worse. Gran’s left leg was cut and it makes things worse. And when gran died, it was a total blow even though we saw it coming. That happening did good and bad to Mama T—good because gran can finally rest and Mama T could live her life (not that I’m saying she wanted gran to be dead, no) and bad because well, someone died and it was our dear gran. But now things are doing well for Mama T. She’s more relaxed and more…free.

Mama T’s is the best aunt in the world. She became my second mom when Mama L died. She basically treated us as though we’re hers. And when I was in need of buying my things like underwear, sanitary napkins (sorry ‘bout that), I would go straight to her and asked her to buy me some—talking things like that to my dad was quite embarrassing. She even became my confidante when it comes to boys.

And now that it’s her birthday, I’m planning to buy her something special, not too fancy though. I haven’t received my salary yet but I will buy her maybe next next week. That thing won’t be enough I know, but I know she’ll appreciate it. Hope she’ll like it. *Fingers crossed. Hope she’ll buy some tequila. :P

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