Friday, August 26, 2011

I felt weird

A couple of hours ago, my 2 friends and I were “tweeting.” It started with F talking about something his dad did and so I joked around a bit. C and I were teasing him and all and then all of a sudden he said that we shouldn’t “blab” about it. I got so pissed with the word blab—as if I’m the one posting stuffs on our Facebook group account (he left the group see, so he was surprised to know that his name’s still being dragged there). I replied to him saying that he shouldn’t used that word because it’s not nice and it’s as if he has this thinking that we were spreading something bad about him. If he’s so conscious about people knowing what he’s posting on twitter, then he should make his tweets private and block us or something, right? I just need to let it all out. If he reads this, then fine. Maybe, if he has looked beyond that post (which I’m not guilty BTW), he would have seen that we’re just concern about what’s going on with him. Isn’t that bad?

I guess this is all a learning experience to everyone. I totally understand him if he got a bit mad or whatever because I felt the same way once with Mama T. We had a nasty fight then. But I really think that he should have chosen his words carefully. That’s all.

Lesson learned: We all have our own boundaries.

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