Monday, August 8, 2011


I have this sudden realization that some of my friends—unwelcome friends—are reading my blog. Although I’d like my blog to be popular, I don’t like the idea of my friends checking this site. HAHAHAH! Well, the reason behind this is that I’ve written some things that I don’t want to explain to them and when they’ll ask me about it, I don’t feel comfortable enough telling it all to them. I feel like this place is like a diary—except that everybody gets to see it. Argh! I can’t totally explain it. Now, I’m shaking in my pants trying to explain some contents about my blog to a friend.

For some reason, I kind of written something about this friend—I didn’t mention his name though—and he PMed me and said and that he read my blog. And I was like: Ok, so have you heard about…. Pak! It was a personal experience and I swear in my mother’s grave that I didn’t put something that could degrade or tint his already tinted reputation. XD Joke! I just put something about how I felt about this particular time and about how it affected me and…OK it was something about this guy whom I used to fancy. And…he’s now stalking my blog (AS IF! =)) ). Can you imagine that?!

Imagine, you’ve put things similar to ‘I like you’ and then he suddenly turns out to be reading that posts? Holy moly! I could just die in that instant. I feel like this teenager who got busted for staring at her crush 5 times! :| Although I have already moved on from that, I still feel a bit embarrassed. :P


  1. I used to feel the same way when I used to post earlier but after a while it dawned on me that once I put it out in public domain, anyone would of course be able to see it..if not today, tomorrow then weeks or months later. So I just tried to make sure they still be deemed worthy if ever my future kids got to read them..!! ;)

  2. Hello gautam! I wasn't able to enter pottermore :( It will always say that "overwhelming demand." I'm sorry :(


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