Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pottermore Magic Quill Contest

Yesterday, I saw an interesting post. It’s a friend announcing he now has an access to Pottermore—the very much anticipated website of J.K. Rowling about the Harry Potter series. I visited the site days ago and they’re still not accepting members. I left my e-mail address there just to be sure that when they finally open and accepting members, they can send me an email. So I was very shocked that my friend got accepted. And when I visited the site, they’re now having this Magic Quill contest.

The Magic Quill contest lets fans join Pottermore earlier than the expected opening this October. It’s basically finding the magic quill and answering the questions posted on the site. Once you have answered the question correctly, Pottermore will send an email saying that the user can now be accepted. It’s like Hogwarts, but they’ll be sending emails rather than letters carried by owls.

Rumor has it that the site is like the website version of Hogwarts which includes House points, sorting students to different houses, etc—I read it somewhere.

Now, I’m all glued to the site and I’m refreshing it every second. It warns fans saying: Be quick, The Magical Quill won’t be there for long and registration will only be open while spaces are still available each day. This is torture.

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