Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saddest Day of My Life

This is OUTRAGEOUS! A total lie! A blatant breach of rules! I’ve been checking my email every single day and still no mail from potter so today, I decided to visit the site and to my horror, here’s what I saw:

I think I’ve messed up with my registration (since I was a bit dazed that I finally won the contest) that I mistakenly checked the “read all the books” and left the “watch all the movies” which translates that I have only read the books and never watched the movies when in all honesty, I HAVE!

They should have not made that stupid magic quill contest and accept winners when they can’t accommodate all of them! This is just the most annoying thing that I ever experienced! I hate JK (just this time)! And I hate the webmasters of Pottermore!


  1. That's so sad! :( I hope they send you a personal apology letter and load of goodies hand delivered by Hedwig himself! :)

  2. Hi gautam!they should!anyway, they're still gonna open this october. I wonder how'll they manage the traffic.I had a glimpse of what's inside and it's the sort of thing that you see when you're playing online games.more like a 3d stuff.


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