Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have this sinking feeling that I might not be able to go and celebrate K’s birthday celebration this Thursday. I texted her and told her that the date is quite impossible to get away with. I haven’t seen her for more than a year now and I really miss her and the girls.

I really wanted to go, I just don’t know if one, I can make it on time; two, if it’ll be OK to spend the night away from my family when were supposed to be together—praying or remembering mom as it is her birthday as well. K’s birthday will be on the 3rd of this month but she decided to celebrate it the day after because I think there’s a little complication on that exact date. Or maybe she just wanted to spend it with her family, I dunno.

My problem for not making it on time would be because I now have a job (Yeey! Don’t get excited though, I’m not). My job ends at 5pm and most of the time, stretches to 8pm. Travelling time from here to K’s house would be approximately 3-4 hours—depends if there’s not much of a traffic. So, if 8pm would be my time out, I’d be there around 12am and by which that time the party—I’m quite sure about it—ends. Horrible.

I don’t know what to do! And although I didn’t promise her that I’ll come, she’s still expecting me BIG TIME. If I don’t come, I’ll probably see her by next year and that’s a LOOONG time. I’m pretty sure she’ll be much disappointed and she won’t forgive me. I bailed the last time she invited me to our little gathering (and that’s before she goes somewhere far) since I can’t go that time. AND NOW? I just don’t think I CAN GO. I’m pretty much dazed. WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO? /blur


  1. ask from your heart dear,and chose dear god bless have a wonderful day.


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