Sunday, September 11, 2011


I wanted to thank those people who greeted me on my birthday last week. They are sooo sweet and thoughtful that I wanted to give them a HUGE hug and lots and lots of kisses. :)

No one in my family greeted me (as expected—but with the exception of Mama T. Although dad bought me some ice creams...) so I wanted to thank Eaque for the call and for telling me some updates in your life, Chack for calling as well, Jikko, Iris, Kring for the very (as always) warm greetings, Yang, Kai, Jing, Mama T, Maris (thanks for the chat), Kim for taking note of my height (:P), Kid, Ching, Mac, Japheth, Ya Jec, Sang, Ya Arj, Krista, Jefford, Edle, Arlyn, Dodong, RJ, LLoyd, Cindy, Ryu, Ya wendz, Vanie, Jeff, and Ban2 :)

I purposely deactivated my Facebook account to avoid greetings from unwelcomed friends. No, just kidding. What I really wanted was to have some peace in my account so I decided to deactivate it and I don’t really like the idea of people greeting me in that way.

And finally: Thanks for the cake, love. That was so sweet. No need to greet me, the cake was more than enough :)

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