Monday, September 12, 2011

Pottermore Experience. Hurraaaah!

Finally! I can now access Pottermore! And guess what?? I’m in RAVENCLAW (OMG)—Wit beyond measure is man’s great treasure. I am sooooo HAPPY! I was able to shop in Diagon Alley, found lost objects, then a wand chose me (Beech with Unicorn Core, Ten and Three quarter inches, Unbending), purchased an owl—a barn owl, went to Gringotts, got sorted, casted spells and then brew potions! How cool were those?! Total bliss! BTW, I got a bit desperate that I tweeted pottermore to actually admit me on their site as a birthday gift. :))

It’s pretty awesome to finally have the image of those places and things from JK’s POV. My favorite so far was the experience I had in Diagon Alley because it’s so interactive and you can shop, buy potion ingredients and books and etc.

Pottermore’s been divided to 7 parts—as the books were. The first and only adventure (so far) is the Philosopher’s Stone. They haven’t opened the other 6 books so we’ll just have to wait for that. And yeah, they’ve divided the adventure in chapters just like the book was. But, Pottermore’s not yet totally polished. Background music would be great (they don’t have any as of the moment), more interaction on Hogwarts and I wish they would redesign the site in a manner where the user can have the 3D experience that you usually get when playing counter strike. I mean, I like the the site as it is but if it could be improved, then why not, right? And when casting spells, it would be totally awesome to hear the swishing of your wand and the after effect sound of your spell. Agree? And that goes the same with brewing potions and other stuffs in there like finding a Galleon or books or potion ingredients. I don’t really mean disrespecting the brilliance behind everything that they’ve put their. And besides, that’s the purpose of why they allowed some fans to enter the site before the launching this coming October. And I was just kidding when I got a bit carried away with previous post regarding the site. HAHAHA! XD

So to those who want to see a sneak peak behind the very popular and amazing Pottermore, the following are some of the screen shots I saved up for you guys (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post screen shots like those of the Diagon Alley etc.; I don't want to get sued :P).

Welcome Page

The overview of the whole books with their chapters or the map

After the sorting

For tips in brewing potions, click here.
To help you find hidden books in Pottermore, click here.
For the hidden potion ingredients, click here.
For the chocolate frogs and their locations, click here.
And to help you find hidden objects, click here.

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