Friday, November 25, 2011

I Love My Friends!

Heh! Jikko asked me what's new with me because I kept on posting melancholic topics. I'm not sure why but the moment that I let it all out, I feel great. I just need some place to express what's really bothering me. Plus, I was able to review my html so it's good all in all :)

It feels great when you have friends like him (or her as Jikko would prefer). It makes you think that there's someone who cares for you. Oooh. I'm being sentimental. But yeah, these past months, I'm missing everybody. And I'm like this kid who has tantrums when I don't know that much about them as I used to.

There were times when my friends and I have disagreements. But it always ended up well. I remember this quote that true friends don't need to say sorry. They just pretend it never happened. It's not that we don't value saying sorry to each other but it's more like: "You don't have to say sorry, I forgave you already." Don't you think it's sweet? I do!

At times I feel as if my friends are being insensitive and that they don't value what I would feel with what they're doing but, they really do. I now realized that friends are like your lovers. You get jealous if they don't give you that much attention, you have this expectation for them to remember your birthday and all other special occasions that your boyfriend/girlfriend (sometimes) remember, and although you don't get along well all the time, you always expect that things will be okay in the end. But I also feel that when our priorities change--work, boyfriend, having other friends--it's okay to stray away from the usual routine of friends-work-home. And because some of my friends are not that understanding, it makes me want to wring their necks. :))

I'm talking nonsense. :P Goodnight! :)

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